Wildcraft Clary Sage and Lavender Deodorant Spray Review

Wildcraft Clary Sage and Lavender Deodorant Spray Review
Photo from  Wildcraft

Photo from Wildcraft

Finding a deodorant that ticks all the boxes isn't easy. You want it to work, but you want it to smell nice, be natural, maybe without baking soda, probably without animal products, and the list goes on. Oh, and nice packaging, no greasy residue, and an affordable price tag is probably on the list. 

I may have found just the thing. 

I've wanted to try Wildcraft products for so long, and now that I've tried their Regenerating Serum and Deodorant Spray, I'm hooked. Not only are their products made with natural ingredients, but they really work. Today I want to share my thoughts on one of their newest launches, their Deodorant Spray


Magnesium hydroxide is the first ingredient in this spray. Similar to baking soda, the magnesium adjusts your body's pH levels so your skin becomes inhospitable to odor causing bacteria. But unlike baking soda, this isn't abrasive or irritating, making it great for sensitive skin. 

There's also organic witch hazel and organic aloe vera, both of which soothe irritation. There's glycerin, and there's clary sage and organic lavender essential oils, a combination that smells absolutely dreamy. The lavender is so grounding and relaxing, but the clary sage gives the spray a herbal quality I adore.

Why a Spray?

I've never really been into deodorant sprays because I kind of assumed they wouldn't work well. But I also find a lot of creamy deodorants are just too heavy for my sensitive skin, and they can cause greasy residue, or make me feel not so fresh. But the spray is wonderful.

It's super easy to apply - just spritz your underarms two to three times and allow it to dry before you put on clothing. I feel fresh and dry all day long, and there's no greasy residue on my clothes. It works well, and it's easy to reapply. Just a couple sprays and you're good to go. Which is another thing - the packaging is great.

Like glass, aluminum can be constantly recycled, but it won't break easily like glass. It's light, compact, and travel friendly so I can keep it in my gym bag, and easily toss it into a small purse later in the day. 

I'm so impressed with this deodorant. The ingredients are great, it works really well, the scent is wonderful and not overpowering, the packaging is perfect for my on the go lifestyle, and of course, it's vegan, cruelty free, gluten free, and mostly organic. It's also locally made, by hand, in Toronto. I'm not sure what else I could ask for!

Have you tried any of the Wildcraft products? What do you have your eye on? 

With love,