Why You Should Use Oil Based Serums

Why You Should Use Oil Based Serums
Why You Use Oil Based Serums

After trying a few oil based serums, I've realized they're kind of magical. They're like a healing, moisturizing face oil combined with the skin specific, concentrated benefits of a serum. Let's talk about what they are, why you should use them, and which ones to start with!

What is an Oil Based Serum? 

A conventional serum often has a base of water or glycerin, which allows it to sink into the skin very quickly. But it also means they need to be formulated with more ingredients to preserve the quality of the product, as water causes products to spoil quickly. 

An oil based serum is a serum is exactly what it sounds like - it's base ingredients are made of plant based carrier oils like argan, rosehip, tamanu, or even castor oil. 

What is the Difference Between a Facial Oil and an Oil Based Serum?

A facial oil is often just made of plant based carrier oils. They're usually just one or two ingredients, and their primary purpose is to moisturize your skin. 

A serum is a little more complex, as it often contains a unique blend of carrier oils and essential oils. The carrier and essential oils are blended together to heal a specific skin issue, like redness, acne, or dryness. 

Why You Should Use Oil Based Serums

An oil based serum gives you the moisturizing properties of a face oil with the concentrated skincare benefits of a serum. Your skin will be soft, smooth, and moisturized, while benefiting from the essential oils and plant botanicals that can naturally heal your skin's issues. 

Moisturizing is incredibly important for healing your skin. If your skin isn't properly moisturized, it won't be as protected from your environment (think sun, wind, pollution) nor will it be balanced. And that means it will become more sensitized, irritated, and you'll likely experience more acne. 

So if you can moisturize in every step of your skincare routine (yes, even if you have oily skin!), your skin will be better off. And if you can moisturize AND treat with an oil based serum, why wouldn't you?

Okay cool, but couldn't you just use a serum and a face oil separately? You could. But I think that the fewer products (and ingredients) we use, the better your skin will be. 

What Oil Based Serums I Recommend

If you're just getting started with oil based serums, you can get started with these recommendations!

All Skin Types: Acure Organics Brilliant Brightening Glowing Serum

Oily / Combination Skin: The Granola Goat Starry Night Face Serum

Mature / Dry Skin: Wildcraft Regenerating Face Serum

Sensitive Skin: Pura Botanicals Lolita Face Drops

If You're Getting Started with Oil Based Serums

Liz Cardwell, of The Granola Goat and The Alluring Alchemist, shared some sage skincare advice with me...

"If someone wanted to ease into oil based serums, adding a drop or two to your water based moisturizer is a great idea. The oil will actually help the ingredients penetrate further, so it can boost the power of water based blends."

So if you're just getting started with oil based serums, or are a little nervous about trying oil based skincare, give this a go! It's a great way to get your feet wet without slathering your whole face with oils! (Which I promise you'll want to do soon enough!)

Have you tried any oil based serums? What did you think? 

With love,