Why You Should Update Your Skincare Routine Seasonally

Why You Should Update Your Skincare Routine Seasonally
Why You Should Update Your Skincare Routine Seasonally

When I was first getting into skincare, I didn't understand why you'd ever change your routine once you found one that worked.

But then I realized that your skin changes. It's constantly changing. It can be influenced by your own life changes, like a stressful time, but it can also be influenced by the weather, which is my primary motivation for adjusting my skincare seasonally. 

Why You Should Adjust Your Skincare

With each season comes a change in the weather. Duh. But those changes impact our skin. It's one of our first barriers of defense and it deals with a lot. The hot, damaging rays of the sun, the harsh, cold winds, and everything in between. Even the changes in humidity, which can impact our skin's moisture levels. When it's humid, my dry skin is a little less dry. But in the middle of Winter when there's no humidity, my dry skin is quite thirsty. 

Spring / Summer

In the Summer, your skin is going to need lighter products that don't weigh it down. You'll want a nice toner to keep your skin refreshed, and you'll want a good clarifying mask to keep acne at bay. You'll also want to keep your sun protection cream with you so you can reapply as needed. 

While the weather is changing, your habits are changing too. The days are longer, so you might be sleeping less. You'll probably be outside more, and you may be more active, which means you might shower more. Which means your skin will need more moisture, as hot water can strip the natural oils of your skin. Do you see what I'm saying here? Oh, and you might eat more greens, salads, and fresh juices. So even if you aren't sold that the weather affects your skin, the seasonal changes in your lifestyle totally does. 

Fall / Winter

In the Fall and Winter, your skin is going to be exposed to colder temperatures, harsher winds, and depending on where you live, lots of snow. You'll still need that spf cream because the sun is going to reflect in the snow, meaning you can still get a sun burn. 

You're also going to be inside more. You'll probably drink less water because you won't be as hot, and you might not be as active. You might spend more time relaxing, because who wants to go out with there's several feet of snow outside? 

How to Adjust Your Skincare

Adjusting your skincare for the Summer is not always easy. It's one of my least favourite things to be honest, because it's when my skin always gets more congested. But it can be done without pulling out your hair, tossing all of your skincare out, and wearing a mask everyday. 

Adjusting your skincare for the Fall and Winter is much more enjoyable. Just pile on the moisture and you should be good to go. Just don't forget the spf

A Note on Adjusting Your Skincare

Please don't do it too often. I switch products only when I've used something completley. If you're switching your skincare too often (like daily or weekly) you won't know if the products really work, and your skin will probably become imbalanced. Nobody wants that. 

Do you adjust your skincare seasonally? 

With love,