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Why I Relaunched (And Renamed) My Blog

Why I Relaunched (And Renamed) My Blog

Why I Relaunched (And Renamed) My Blog

You might have noticed there's been a few changes around here...

Giving My Business Room to Grow

The main reason for this rebrand is to separate my beauty blog and content creation business. 

My beauty blog is meant for people like you, who are interested in learning more about green beauty. You're interested in How-To's, DIY recipes, and product reviews. 

My business is meant for other business owners who need help creating valuable content for their brand. 

As you can see, they're meant for entirely different people. And to be honest, trying to figure out how to speak to and grow both my blog and business under one name and on one platform was getting a *little* confusing and frustrating for myself. I felt scattered, out of alignment, and burned out. And that is not at all how I function best, let alone how I create my best work. 

So I decided to separate them. 

Getting Realigned With My Blog

I knew right away I wanted to keep my business under my own name. I didn't want to be limited by anything else. I don't want to just build a business - I want to build a brand that can grow and evolve with me. 

Ironically, that's also why I named my blog Sarah Price - I didn't know what to expect or where I'd be in five years, so I wanted a name that could grow with me. 

And with my business under my own name, I had to totally rebrand my blog, which turned out to be a blessing in disguise. 

By rebranding, I gave myself the opportunity to dive deep into what I wanted to do with my beauty blog - who I wanted to serve, the kind of content I wanted to create, how I wanted to do things.

I dug into my core values - the values that I consider every time I write a blog post. I took time to really get reacquainted with my blog - to understand what it is I wanted to be doing with my platform. And I learned a lot about the kind of content I want to create, while getting to a place where I felt inspired and motivated all over again. 

The Name

Obviously, I had to pick a new name. I wanted it to be something short, sweet, and easy to remember.

I wanted the new name to embody the content I create, and I think I did that with Simple and Sustainable.

I've been incorporating more simplicity and sustainability into my content. I've focused on products made with short ingredient lists, brands that prioritize sustainable and ethical practices, and I've started simplifying the advice I give while ensuring it's sustainable and accessible to all. 

What's Not Changing

Aside from the name and a clearer vision, not much else is changing. I'm still going to be writing two blog posts per week, posting lots on Instagram, sending out a monthly newsletter, and doing my best to constantly improve the content I create for you. 

As always, if you have any comments, suggestions, or just want to talk, feel free to comment below or shoot me an email! And if you resonate more with my content creation business, you can learn more here. 

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