Which Oils Are Right For Your Skin Type?

Which Oils Are Right For Your Skin Type?
Which Oils Are Right For Your Skin Type?

I'm a huge fan of skincare oils. They're rich in nutrients, they hydrate your skin, and they work for all skin types. Use them as a serum, in a DIY recipe, however you want. 

All of these oils are great for all skin types so there's no wrong choice. But each one does have it's specialties so I've included which oil is ideal for which skin type. 

Rosehip Oil

Great for acne prone or sensitive skin. 

While rose essential oil and rosehip oil may sound similar, they're a little different. Rose oil is an essential oil made from the petals of roses. Rosehip oil is a skincare oil that's made from the seeds of rose bushes. 

Rosehip oil is a great, affordable oil that works for a lot of skin types. It has a non greasy, light texture that's ideal for acne prone, sensitive skin. 

Rosehip oil has essential fatty acids that help to heal the dry, itchy skin that comes with eczema. This also makes it a good treatment for acne. While you might want to strip your skin too reduce acne, you actually need to moisturize the area to allow it to heal. Properly moisturized skin is also more balanced, which means your skin will be less likely to break out in the future. 

Rosehip oil also has lots of vitamin c to rejuvenate and brighten your skin. Apply all over day and night as a light serum. 

Argan Oil

Great for dry, mature skin. 

Argan oil is my favourite skincare oil. It's amazing for all skin types, but it's especially hyrating and anti-aging so it's great for drier, more mature skin. 

It's made from the nut of the Argan tree found in Morocco. It's high in vitamin e and antioxidants whichhelp repair damage and protect skin from the daily elements like wind, sun, and pollution. 

It's also high in fatty acids, which are great for reducing the signs of aging, and linoleic acid, which helps reduce inflammation, making it a great choice for sensitive, dry, or even acne prone skin. 

You can use argan oil as your serum or face oil by applying all over at night. It's especially great for brightening and reducing wrinkles around the eye area. 

Tamanu Oil

Great for all skin types, especially acne prone skin. 

I first discovered this oil when I was doing the oil cleansing method. This helped me to balance my skin's oil production, taking my super oily to skin to a much more 'normal' place. It also reduced my acne and helped heal previous scars. 

Tamanu oil is a very thick, fragrant oil that smells almost nutty. While the thick, heavy texture may seem like an awful oil for acne prone skin, it's totally worth it. 

It's rich in fatty acids, which help give it the ability to reduce signs of aging and heal your skin. It's also antibacterial, so it's great for acne prone skin. 

Finally, it's high in antioxidants, giving it the ability to repair damage and protect your skin. 

While I wouldn't use this as a regular face oil, you can mix with a thinner oil like castor, sunflower, or almond oil to create a DIY oil cleanser. 

 Castor Oil

Great for all skin types, especially congested skin. When used too often could be drying for extremely dry skin. 

Castor oil is known for it's ability to draw toxins and impurities out of the skin. It's especially great for clearing blackheads without excessive, painful extractions.

To do this, mix equal parts tamanu and castor oil. Massage into your skin for two minutes. Leave for thirty seconds. Then place a hot towel over your skin for thirty seconds. Resist the urge to wipe the oil away. Do this a few times a week (at night) and your skin will be so much clearer. 

All in all, castor oil is a great addition to your skincare. It does all the basics - heals inflammation, like the inflammation associated with sensitive skin, acne prone skin, or even skin conditions like eczema. 

It reduces the signs of aging, like wrinkles. And it's great for reducing congestion like we talked about earlier. It's also ideal for fading acne scars. 

This is another oil that I wouldn't use as a face oil. It's simply too thick. Instead, look for it in your store bought beauty products or use it to make an oil cleanser. 

Which oil is your skincare go to? 

With love,