Urban Alchemist Lavender Body Butter Review

Urban Alchemist Lavender Body Butter Review
Urban Alchemist Lavender Body Butter Review

Urban Alchemist has become my favourite body care brand because their products are made with simple, often organic ingredients, the formulas are well crafted and effective, and their product offerings are so unique and original.

Natalie, the woman behind the brand, is an amazing, genuine, kind person who I love supporting. She puts a lot of work into each little jar and if you've ever tried anything from Urban Alchemist, you'll know that it's totally evident. 

Today I'm going to share one of her newest products, the Lavender Body Butter

What Are The Ingredients?

As usual, Natalie has crafted a product with exceptional ingredients. 

  • Shea Butter*
  • Coconut Oil*
  • Fractionated Coconut Oil*
  • Sweet Almond Oil*
  • Vitamin E Oil*
  • Lavender Essential Oil*


Urban Alchemist Lavender Body Butter Review

What's So Unique?

One of the reasons I love Urban Alchemist is because it's handmade, in small batches, here in Toronto. Natalie is also conscious of the environment and is happy to take back empty jars so she can reduce the need for new packaging. She's made it easy to be zero waste without sacrificing the little luxuries of well made beauty products. 

Like the previous body butters, this is made with wonderful ingredients, so you don't have to compromise on quality to get a natural, hand made body butter. 

The Lavender Body Butter, like the ones before it, has a light, whipped texture that almost melts once it touches your skin. It applies and sinks into your skin easily, so your skin is instantly moisturized. 

But my favourite part is the scent. I adore a really good lavender scent because it instantly relaxes me, puts me at ease, and makes me feel comfortable. Now I'm able to keep a jar nearby at all times for when my skin needs moisture and my minds needs a little calming. 

Have you tried any Urban Alchemist products? What are you waiting for? 

With love,