The Ultimate Face Mask Collection
The Ultimate Face Mask Collection

Everyone needs a couple of effective masks they can rely on to treat their skin. These are my latest picks! 

Brighten Pineapple + Gemstone Mask / Herbivore Botanicals

Everyone needs a brightening mask, and while most don't do much, this one does. I actually notice a difference in my skin, and this is such a handy mask during the dark Winter when your skin can feel a little dull and lackluster. 

Blue Clay Spot Treatment Mask / Herbivore Botanicals 

Even if your skin doesn't usually get spots, I still recommend having a deep, effective, clarifying mask that can get the job done. While you can use this as a spot treatment, I use this as an all over mask (no more than once a week) to purify my skin, draw out the toxins, and allow my skin to heal. 

Organic Chlorophyll Mask / Cocokind 

This mask is ideal for all skin types. It's filled with nourishing super foods that feed your skin all kinds of vitamins and antioxidants. It has an incredibly luxurious texture that feels like a dream on your skin.

It's brightening, it reduces redness and irritation, makes acne scars less visible, and it's really great for nourishing skin, no matter the issue. 

Pure Glow Hydrating Masque* / Sattva Pure (Discontinued)

I've always wanted a hydrating mask, but could never find one that really worked. Until this one. 

It's a light, but truly hydrating mask that's perfect all year round. It keeps your skin soft, smooth, and of course hydrated, so your skin is better protected, balanced, and less inflamed. 

Honorable Mention: Activated Charcoal

While you won't want to use activated charcoal on it's own (it'll stain your skin) this is a great addition to any mask. The charcoal draws everything out of your pores, so while you'll experience a little detox acne the week after, your skin will be better for it.

This is something I add to my masks weekly, unless I have a big event in a few days. 

Potential Add On: Brightening Face Mask / Leaves of Trees 

There are always face masks I want to try, but I like to have a maximum of five at a time, because it takes me a long time to go through each jar. That being said, this mask has been on my radar for some time, and I'm hoping to pick it up soon. If you're not into any of the masks above, maybe this one is for you!

What masks are your favourites? I'm always looking to try new brands and products so I'd love to hear your suggestions!

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*Products marked with an ( * ) were sent to me for review. To learn more, please see my Disclaimer