Okay so maybe the words "life changing" are a little extreme. But when it comes to self care, I've always taken it seriously. Until I didn't. My weekly self care sessions were pushed aside for uni, writing, work, and life. But in the past few months I've done my best to reinvent my self care routines.

Last week I did a blog post on my wonderful experience at RINSE beauty bar. That was the first time I've had an opportunity like that, and for the rest of the time I just don't want to shell out the money for a weekly mani and pedi. I know that going to the spa each week isn't an option for most of us, so taking the time to do at home treatments each week is a great way to get the same benefits without the price tag.

So what's so life changing about this routine? It's the simplicity. It takes just a little bit of my time, and when done weekly, the results are fantastic. My hands and feet have never looked so polished!

Mani //

I always prep my hands by soaking them in hot water. I'll add bath salts to help soften the skin, and I usually reach for the Coconut Soak from Herbivore Botanicals.

After soaking I move on to scrubbing, which is when I opt for the Brightening Facial Scrub from Acure Organics. This is too intense for my sensitive face, but I adore the brightening effects so it's perfect for reviving my hands and feet. To hydrate my hands, I go for the Lavender Hand Cream by Andalou Naturals.

Once my hands are soft and smooth, it's time for nail care. I clip my nails before using a Crystal Nail File to shape them. I like to shape mine straight across with rounded edges for a polished shape.

I work at a coffee shop so I'll often skip applying polish, but if I do, I always go for natural polishes that are 5-Free and vegan. My favourites are Mineral Fusion, Butter London, and LVX. Mineral Fusion makes wonderful base and top coats, Butter London and LVX polish lasts forever. If you need a nail polish remover, Mineral Fusion's Acetone Free Nail Polish Remover is where it's at.

Pedi //

When I move on to taking care of my feet, I reach for a lot of the same products. I'll soak them in hot water with some salts, and I'll use the same brightening scrub to get rid of dead skin.

But when I'm taking care of my feet I go a little bit further and use a Foot File from Earth Therapeutics. This really helps to get rid of dead skin and soften my feet. I'll moisturize with Handcrafted Shea Butter from Alaffia. This is an intense moisturizing butter that hydrates the driest of skin. I'll cover my feet with some socks for more absorption.

If I'm painting my nails, I still opt for 5 Free and vegan polishes from Mineral Fusion, Butter London, and LVX.

Taking care of my hands and feet has never been so simple and effective. What kind of self care do you do each week?

Until next time,