The Five Argan Oils You Need to Try

The Five Argan Oils You Need to Try

Facial oils are really trendy in the beauty community, for their hydrating, soothing, and repairing properties.

My favourite oil is argan oil, a plant oil made from the argan tree in Morocco. It's an all in one oil that can be used on your skin, body, hair, and nails. 

Today I want to share my favourite argan oils from Leaves of Trees. Leaves of Trees is a Toronto based shop that, along with selling pure argan oils, sells argan based products like deodorants and lip balms

What's Different About Leaves of Trees?

They've quickly become my favourite brand because of both their quality oil and their commitment to ethical and sustainable practices.

What's Different About Their Argan Oil? 

Their argan oil is like no other that I've tried. It's incredibly hydrating, even for dry skin. I use it morning and night, and now I never feel like my skin is tight or dry. It's also really great for repairing your skin, and works to heal acne and acne scars. 

Leaves of Trees has also signed the Just Beautiful Pledge with Environmental Defence to pledge that ten different ingredients, from SLS to parabens, will not be included in their products. You can see the entire list and learn more about this pledge here

What About Their Business Practices?

As for the business side of things, they're truly committed to ethical business practices. They source fair trade and organic ingredients, like their argan oil, which is sourced from a women's co-operative in Morocco. 

Which Argan Oils Are Best For Me?

Leaves of Trees offers five different argan oils, from a classic one to different infusions of essential oils. 

Unscented Argan Oil // 

If you have sensitive skin, try this oil. Without any extras, it's a classic argan oil that's going to do wonders for hydrating and repairing your skin. 

Lavender Argan Oil // 

Lavender has so many health and wellness benefits, it would take forever to list them all!

When applied to the skin, it's helpful for eczema, dry or chapped skin, and sunburned skin. It's also going to help with cold sores, so you can always pop a bit of this lavender argan oil on your skin whenever you have these issues. 

Eucalyptus Argan Oil // 

This is a really refreshing oil due to the invigorating eucalyptus. The eucalyptus is going to help minimize acne and refresh and calm your skin. It's such a treat after a long day! 

Orange Blossom Argan Oil // 

I found this one to be a little too heavily scented, but if you don't mind fragrance, please try it because Orange Blossom is so beneficial for your skin. 

It's going to help regenerate your skin cells, tone dry or wrinkled skin, minimize acne and problematic areas, and help to balance or normalize severely dry or oily skin types!

Frankincense Argan Oil // 

I've saved my favourite for last. I adore frankincense. I find the scent to be incredibly calming and soothing, with it's herbal and earthy notes. It's really great for wrinkles too, I know of a few people who rub it all over their bodies for a little anti aging boost! 

What do you think of Leaves of Trees?

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