ATP Coffonut Coffee Scrub Review

There's a reason my Instagram profile says "obsessed with coffee + skincare routines".

Despite coffee's caffeine content, the process of grinding beans and boiling water offers a slow, mindful way to start every morning. It's cozy and warm and pairs well with chocolate chip cookies. 

But as much as I love drinking coffee, I also love incorporating it into my beauty routines. So when ATP asked me to try their unique, Toronto made coffee scrubs, I jumped at the chance. 

Who is ATP Coffee Scrubs? 

ATP is named after Adenosine Triphosphate, an energy storing molecule. The co-founders connected their energizing cup of coffee with the energy storing molecule, and created ATP Coffee Scrubs (Discontinued). 

Why are their scrubs different? 

The scrubs are natural, vegan, and handmade. They're very affordable, with options from just five to sixteen dollars. Being the classic black coffee drinker I am, I chose the Coffonut Scrub*. 

Coffonut is a sweet blend of fresh coffee grounds and anti-aging coconut bits. It's mixed with hydrating coconut oil and different salts and sugars for so many soothing, healing properties. 

I like to apply the scrub towards the end of my shower. I gently massage the scrub into my skin for a few minutes to remove all of the dead skin cells. Then I like to leave the scrub for a minute or two so my skin can absorb all of the nourishing properties from the coffee and oils. I'm left with incredibly soft, sweet smelling skin. 

It's a refreshing, zen way to start your morning. It's even better if you do a little self massage with coconut oil before stepping in the shower. 

Did you say coupon code? 

If you want to add a caffeine boost to your skincare routine, don't forget to use the code '10offsarah' to get 10% off your order!

While you're at it, post a photo to Instagram or Twitter, tag me and ATP to show us how much you love the ATP Coffee scrubs! 

How do you incorporate coffee into your beauty routine? 

Until next time, 


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