The Alluring Alchemist Azoth Serum Review
The Alluring Alchemist Azoth Serum Review

You’ve seen the serum and face mask reviews from The Granola Goat, and now it’s time to take a look at one of the serums from The Alluring Alchemist - Liz’s second beauty brand.

The Alluring Alchemist is all about crafting beautiful skincare creations that are based in ritual and intention. Each ingredient is selected with care, most of which are organic and / or wild harvested.

The serums are cold infused with flowers and herbs over six weeks, charged under the full moon, and blessed with Reiki energy by a Reiki master.

The Alluring Alchemist carries three serums. Today I’m reviewing the Azoth Serum+!

The Alluring Alchemist Azoth Serum Review

This serum is…

  • Vegan

  • Cruelty Free

  • Organic

Made with…

  • Watermelon Seed Oil*

  • Dandelion*

  • Lavender*

  • Elderflower*

  • Red Raspberry Seed Oil*

  • Neroli Essential Oil*

  • Lavender Essential Oil*


What drew me to this serum was the watermelon seed oil, which I’ve used before and absolutely loved. It’s incredibly anti-inflammatory, and I find it gives my skin a healthy, clear glow. But most importantly (for me), is that it does reduce redness, which is key to making my skin look it’s best.

Scent - There is a light floral scent (thanks to the neroli and lavender) that I couldn’t get enough of. Most of my skincare doesn’t have a scent so it was so nice to use a serum that was so beautifully scented without being overpowering! It made for a much more sensory experience.

Texture - I don’t know how Liz does it, but all of her oil based serums are well…oil based, so they have that oil texture, but they quickly sink into the skin just like a serum. They feel light on the skin, but they’re still really nourishing.

Efficacy - This serum is not targeted towards a specific skin type, but my dry, sensitive, and acne prone skin really loved it. I didn’t notice much of a difference with my acne (it’s really bad this time of year so I actually have to reach for acne treatments), but I did notice my skin was so much more glowy, and there was a lot less redness that came back right after I stopped using this serum. So clearly it works really well for reducing inflammation and brightening the skin. I think in the future I’d like to pair this serum with one for acne to get the best of both worlds (for me)!

Sustainability - Liz does such a great job crafting sustainable products. They’re packaged in glass, the ingredients are almost all organic, and if they’re not organic they’re wildcrafted. Bonus: she uses recycled and recyclable packing materials. It really doesn’t get any better! I even plan on reusing this serum bottle for my own handmade creations!

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