When this Organic Flax Seed Cleansing Oil first came out, I knew I had to try it. At the time, I was using the oil cleansing method to take care of my skin, and I was hoping this would be like an oil cleanse in a bottle. Plus it's organic and the quality from 100% Pure is always top notch.

After a few weeks of using this, I can definitely say it's not going to be a substitute for a proper oil cleanse, because it immediately sinks into my skin and doesn't provide the same intense hydration. However, it's still a wonderful oil cleanser.

I use four pumps and lightly massage the oil into my face for a few minutes to thoroughly cleanse the skin and get rid of makeup, dirt, and other impurities. The organic flax seed oil is packed with omega-3 fatty acids to help nourish and hydrate your skin, while reducing inflammation. The herbs and citrus essential oils help naturally preserve the oil and provide a light citrus scent. Not to mention 100% Pure's luxe glass packaging that's great for preserving the oil, and the convenient pump that's wonderful for keeping your hands mess free.

As someone with dry and sensitive skin, this product is a dream come true. It's hydrating and anti-inflammatory so my skin's pretty happy. But if you have combination or oily skin, this product is still for you! 100% Pure encourages people with all skin types to use this cleansing oil because it's still going to nourish your skin and you're still going to see those lovely anti-inflammatory effects no matter your skin type. It's basically a super cleanser in a bottle, perfect for all skin types!

Until next time,