Orgaid Vitamin C + Anti-Aging Sheet Masks Review

Orgaid Vitamin C + Anti-Aging Sheet Masks Review
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Sheet masks are incredibly trendy, and I'm not surprised. They're fun treatments and when you pick good quality masks, they can be really beneficial for your skin. Let's talk about these Orgaid Organic Sheet Masks.

What is a Sheet Mask?

A sheet mask is a skincare treatment that's like using an entire bottle of serum in one go. It's a delicate sheet mask that you leave on for anywhere from fifteen to thirty minutes, and when you remove it, your skin is absolutely glowing from the concentrated dose of plant based vitamins, nutrients, and extracts. 

Orgaid Organic Sheet Masks

Now not every sheet mask is the same. The quality differs between masks, which is one of the reasons I've wanted to try these. They're made with USDA Certified Organic ingredients right in the USA. There's no chemical preservatives; instead they use lactobacillus ferment, a probiotic, water soluble preservative that preserves the ingredients so they're safe to use without being harmful to our skin. 

Orgaid Sheet Masks also use an ecoderma fabric that is supposed to allow the serum to penetrate deeper into our skin. I noticed this when I removed the mask and my skin felt much more rejuvenated and I felt the affects more than any other sheet mask I've tried. 

And last but not least, these ingredients are really clean. There's no chemicals or harsh ingredients, no parabens or SLS, and of course, no animal testing. 

The Ritual

I love using sheet masks, but with acne prone skin, I still need a clay based mask to clarify my skin. So before I opened these masks, I followed my usual facial routine to get the most out of my masks. I cleansed, exfoliated, did a quick face steam, and applied a clay based mask. I let the mask sit for ten minutes, washed it off with a warm cloth, and then I was ready for the sheet mask. 

Vitamin C & Revitalizing Organic Sheet Mask

This organic mask uses vitamin c, hyaluronic acid, orange peel, pomegranate, rosehip, lavender, and thyme extracts to give your skin a healthy dose of organic nutrients to not only brighten your skin, but to moisturize and soothe. 

I'll go ahead and say it, this was my favourite of the two. I felt the benefits right away. While my skin felt soft and smooth, it was also much more bright and clear. Redness and irritation was almost gone, and my skin was practically glowing. 

Anti-Aging and Moisturizing Organic Sheet Mask

While formulated to be anti-aging, I think this mask's real benefits is the moisture. I can't say I saw any anti-aging benefits, but I do think keeping your skin moisturized is the key to not only healthy skin, but beautiful skin. 

This organic mask is made with aloe vera, vitamin B3, hyaluronic acid, organic willow bark, lavender, rosemary, horsetail, and green tea extracts.  The aloe vera and vitamin B3 soothe and nourish, the hyaluronic acid is key in hydration, and the extracts reduce inflammation. 

I did notice that my skin was much more red after using this mask compared to the Vitamin C one. I'm not sure if it's that I'm sensitive to one of the extracts, or that I just left it on too long. But the redness did go away in a few hours, and as I often experience redness (sensitive skin problems) I really wasn't too worried. But what I did love was how soft my skin felt right after the mask, and even the next day. 

Why Use a Sheet Mask?

Now let's be honest. Sheet masks are expensive. I don't recommend using them weekly, and there's no way I would ever do so. But I think they're amazing for a little mini professional facial. I use them after flights to quickly nourish and moisturize my skin, and get it back to it's glowing state. I also use them before special events where I know I'll be photographed, like weddings. Sheet masks are a fun way to boost your weekly facial without the cost of a professional treatment. They're also just dreamy to use, and your skin always feels amazing. 

Do you use sheet masks? What are your favourites?

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