Nature's Pure Bliss Lavender Dreams Body Oil + Soap Review

Nature's Pure Bliss Lavender Dreams Body Oil + Soap Review


When I was given the opportunity to indulge in some lovely lavender scented bath and body products, I jumped at the chance! 

Nature's Pure Bliss is a family owned business with a passion for holistic products. They offer Vegan, Fair Trade, Organic beauty bits that are sure to take your self care to the next level. Nature's Pure Bliss uses essential oils to create their natural, fresh scents. Not to mention their minimal, recycled packaging that helps reduce environmental impact! 

I was lucky enough to test their Qwench Bath and Body Oil* in Lavender Dreams. Lavender Dreams is a unique blend of lavender, lemon, and vanilla essential oils. It's a very natural, fresh twist on the classic lavender we all love. 

This body oil has become an instant favourite. It's a great addition to any bath or shower, with just a few drops to hydrate your whole body. But it's also lovely as a body moisturizer. It sinks right in, so you don't have to deal with messy oil everywhere. 

I also go to try their Artisan Shea Butter Soap* in Lavender Dreams. The scent is just perfect, and pairs wonderfully with the body oil. The combination of the two is perfect for a relaxing bath or shower right before bed. 

I really love this kind of soap. It's made with natural, hydrating ingredients so my skin isn't stripped of it's natural oils. It's also very lathery and foamy, despite the lack of sulfates. It's also, ya know, effective at cleaning my body. That's a plus. 

If you're intereted in trying some Nature's Pure Bliss goodies, PRICE5 will get you $5 off your order from now until March 31! Treat yourself to a luxe body oil, classic bar of soap, or one of their other unique items! 

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*Products marked with an * were sent to me for review. For more information, see my Disclaimer