My Weekly Self Care Routine

My Weekly Self Care Routine
My Weekly Self Care Routine

I've talked a lot about self care, but I've never actually told you my self care routine. Until now. 

I don't have a set schedule for self care, because I find that makes it too much like a 'to do' and it takes the fun out of it. I do schedule in my self care when I plan my week, because otherwise I'll push it to the side, but I don't have a regimented, daily self care schedule. 

Hot Baths.

I know they're so overrated but honestly they're my favourite part of my self care. I have baths twice a week, where I use lots of epsom salts, bath salts, and essential oils to soak in. I light a bunch of candles, clear the energy with palo santo, grab a book, and a glass of kombucha

While I've always known I was a water baby, it's only recently clicked how important water is for my self care.

If I'm not drinking enough, I feel horrible, get anxiety, and I get migraines. If I miss my baths, I feel emotionally drained and incapable. If I feel like I had a bad day, I take a cup of chamomile and lavender tea into the shower. It's like a shower beer but for us sober people.

I've also noticed I feel calmer being around the ocean, or a pool. While I've never really wanted a pool in my backyard, part of my really wants one now so I can swim and enjoy it whenever I want. 

Find something that's really important to how you feel - maybe it's a ritual you've had for years, or maybe it's something you've yet to try. But when you find it, make it the center of your self care routine. 

Self Care Afternoon.

While I hate to say it, how I look influences how I feel. I don't think it's selfish or narcissistic, I think it's just that I want to look put together. Who doesn't?

So once a week I take an afternoon (it's usually Fridays) and spend some time on a few beauty rituals. I do a DIY mani / pedi, sometimes painting my nails, and sometimes going without. In an ideal world I'd get a professional one every month or so, but they're kind of expensive so I'm good with doing it myself.

I also do my weekly facial, which is so important to keeping my skin healthy. It's one of my favourite self care rituals. 


Aside from my regular self care sessions, there's a few things that are important parts of my self care routine. 

I really love baking, and it's become one of my favourite ways to spend an afternoon. I've gotten more into cooking too, but I'm better at baking, and I have a sweet tooth, so I'd rather bake. This makes for cozy mornings with coffee and muffins, making the whole baking thing a self care ritual that lasts all week. 

I also have a tea routine - just different teas that I drink everyday to help me feel my best. My favourites are the Detox tea I drink every mid-morning, and my nightly cup of lavender and chamomile tea. 

And finally, reading is a huge part of my self care routine. I read here and there during the week, but I usually spend a good part of the weekends reading, especially if my partner is working.

So that's my weekly self care routine. What does yours look like? 

With love,