While my morning routine focuses on providing long last hydration, my nightly skincare routine focuses on hydration and brightness, two of my biggest problems in the Winter.

Camomile Cleansing Butter // The Body Shop

My friend introduced me to this cleanser, and while I was nervous at first, I absolutely love it.

This is a very luxurious buttery cleanser that melts away your makeup and impurities. I love the silky soft texture and how hydrating it is. It's also really gentle and it doesn't irritate my skin at all.

Blossom + Toning Leaf Refresher // Andalou Naturals

This is a wonderful toner. It's a simple, no fuss, hydrating toner that actually works. I use this all day long as a toner and refreshing mist.

Vitamin C Serum // 100% Pure

I love this serum so much. It's a simple vitamin c serum, but it's amazing.

The application is very smooth, and it sinks in right away. I love it's subtle brightening effect that makes my skin look radiant.

Intensive Nourish Moisture Balm // 100% Pure (Discontinued)

This is my favourite moisturizer ever. With ingredients like avocado, Shea, and almond butters, it's incredibly nourishing. The light lavender scent is calming to my skin and my scences. It's an all around wonderful product.

Organic Coffee Bean Caffeine Eye Cream // 100% Pure

I love using this light, but hydrating eye cream. It's incredibly nourishing, although it doesn't do much for under eye circles. But I do love the delicious scent!

Super Fruits Reparative Cream // 100% Pure

To give my skin an anti-aging boost, I use this cream on my forehead and on the lines around my mouth. This extra step helps to hydrate the driest areas on my face while working to combat aging.

What does your winter skincare routine look like?

Until next time,