My Simple 30 Minute Self Care Routine

Almost everyone loves a good self care session. Maybe you have a long bath, paint your nails, use a face mask, whatever you like.

But we don't always have the time for lots of self care. So today I'm sharing a quick self care routine that you can do in 30 minutes or less.

Before your usual skincare routine, take a few seconds to apply Andalou Natural's Kombucha Enzyme Peel. This is a gentle peel that uses enzymes to remove your dead skin cells. You'll wash it off and find super soft, glowy skin.

The peel does take ten minutes, so make yourself a cup of tea! Chamomile is wonderful for helping you relax after a long day. But your favourite cup of caffeine free tea would work too.

After I've washed off the peel, I finish my normal skincare routine. Then I'll use Acure Organic's Brightening Facial Scrub as a lip and hand scrub. I find it a bit intense for my facial skin but this works well for my lips and hands.

To treat my skin to a little extra hydration, I love to use Fair Trade Shea Butter. It's intensely hydrating and nourishing, perfect for a self care session. I love to mix my butters with essential oils to create a custom scent, and lately I've been loving Peppermint and Eucalyptus. They're very refreshing and calming, perfect for before bed.

To hydrate my lips, I reach for 100% Pure's Organic Mint Lip Balm, a luxurious lip balm that's refreshing and soothing. To hydrate my hands, I almost always reach for their Coconut Hand Buttercream.

Do you have a quick pamper routine?

Until next time, Sarah