My First Three Month ‘No Beauty Buy’ - Before

My First Three Month ‘No Beauty Buy’ - Before
My First Three Month 'No Beauty Buy'  - Before

In three(ish) years of blogging, I've never done a 'no buy', for a few reasons. But now I'm embarking on a three month no buy, and I'm excited to tell you why. 

Why Have I Never Done a No Buy?

For starters, it's never been something that I've really wanted to do.

I've always purchased new beauty products each month, more out of need than out of want, so the idea of limiting myself seemed too constraining and the thought of not being able to repurchase moisturizer or shampoo made me anxious. 

I also never thought it would actually work, or that it would save me much money.

Giving myself a monthly beauty budget is much more effective because I can decide where I want to spend my limited funds, instead of either splurging on everything or having to forgo any beauty products. 

Why Do I Want to Do One Now?

I mostly want to give this a go because I have way too many products. I'm really fortunate to work with amazing, generous brands and clients that gift me their products to try.

And my friends and family often gift me beauty products, because duh I'm a beauty blogger. (I do love that they do this, because it's a gift idea I will ALWAYS use and love). 

And I do like to treat myself every now and then to a new skincare treatment, especially when there's a new launch. Like how am I supposed to resist anything that Cocokind launches?

So while I'm spending a lot less than ever before, I have more products than ever before. And that makes me anxious.

Green beauty products don't last forever, and as someone who has a minimal routine, I don't go through products very quickly. So the idea of keeping cleansers in my drawers for several months makes me feel a little squirmy. I'd much rather replace my cleanser when I absolutely need to, rather than have five lined up. 

Aside from the product pile up, I'm also curious if I can do it, and if it will actually save me money.

I don't budget beauty products anymore, as I've started setting aside 'self care funds' for anything from beauty treatments, a cup of tea on the go, or a monthly massage. As I don't budget specifically for beauty, I'm not sure if it will actually save me money, but I'm curious enough to try. 

What Am I Starting With?

Originally I wanted to photograph all of my beauty treatments, including the ones currently in use and the ones in my back up drawers. But that's kind of a lot, so I'm just going to list them for you.

This will tell me how many products I'm actually using in three months, and it'll give me an idea if the no buy actually helped deplete my beauty stash or not. I'm not including samples or makeup because they're both very small collections and something I purchase sparingly. If a product isn't the full size, I've noted it because that will effect how long it takes me to work through it. 

Skincare - In Use

Skincare - Backup

Body Care - In Use

Body Care - Back Up

Bath / Shower - In Use

Bath / Shower - Back Up

What do you think? Is that a lot of products? It seems like it is, which is why I'm so excited for this no buy.

I will say though, since I started thinking of the no buy (around November) I've been buying less, and I did clean out my back up drawers of expired products, so everything is a little neater than when I first got this idea. But regardless I'm excited to see how much I actually use in three months, and if I end up emptying my back up beauty stash!

What do you think of no buys? How do you organize your products and make sure you're not spending too much on beauty treatments?

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