My Fall Skincare Routine
My Fall Skincare Routine

It's been so long since I've done a skincare routine post. Until now, I just haven't been satisfied with the products, nor how they worked for my skin. But I've finally got a routine I really love, with products that truly work.

To be honest, my skin hasn't looked this good in a couple years, so I don't plan on changing this routine anytime soon! 

Juniper Clay Facial Soap* / Meow Meow Tweet

Unfortunately, this bar has been discontinued, but I still wanted to share my love for it and encourage you to try one of the MMT Facial Soaps, either the Tea Tree Charcoal or Pink Rose Clay

I was worried a bar of soap would dry out my skin, but I absolutely love using it. It isn't drying, although it's not exactly hydrating either. But it lathers well, and it gets my skin really clean without feeling totally stripped. It even removes makeup! 

The clay in this bar is perfect for drawing out impurities and allowing your skin to detox, and the Tea Tree Charcoal option takes that a step further with activated charcoal. I'm planning on using that one next. 

Another reason I love this soap is it's better for the environment as there's no plastic (or glass!) container. You can use it on your hair, face, body, making it a multi-purpose product. It's also travel friendly as opposed to a large bottle of cleanser. 

Renew & Refresh Hydrating Mist / Sattva Pure (Discontinued)

I love the Restore & Replenish Hydrating Mist from Sattva Pure, so I wanted to give this a go. I honestly can't pick a favourite because they're both made with similar ingredients and just minor adjustments. This one has lime oil, giving the mist an uplifting, citrus scent that I adore.

I use this to tone my skin, set my makeup, and refresh throughout the day. I also use it after the gym instead of a full skincare routine because this soothes redness, calms my skin, and hydrates well enough that I really don't need anything else!

Face Serum / Wildcraft

I've wanted to try Wildcraft products for a while now so I was really excited to try their Face Serum. I fell in love right away. With hydrating plant oils and grounding essential oils, this serum is a perfect addition to your fall skincare routine.

It will keep your skin soft and moisturized, soothed, and it's supposed to help rejuvenate your skin, which is always handy during the colder months. 

Skin Drink - Unscented* / Pure + Simple

I've been using this sample for several weeks now and I'm really impressed. While I love using oils and balms to moisturize, they can feel a bit heavy. I've been opting for moisturizers that have a light texture while still properly moisturizing my skin, and this definitely fits the bill.

It's light, but it sinks in quickly and leaves my skin really nourished and soft to the touch. I also find it's quite soothing as my skin is less red after I apply. 

Unscented Sunscreen SPF 30 / Badger Balm 

We all need a good sunscreen, no matter what time of year. I'm obsessed with this one. It's organic, biodegradable, made with just a few ingredients, and it's effective.

The zinc oxide is non-nano, which is what you want. While zinc oxide can create free radicals, which can damage your skin, non-nano zinc oxide is a safe form. And while you may want to avoid zinc oxide altogether, to be honest, no other ingredient is as effective at protecting your skin from the sun, and frankly, the alternatives I've tried haven't worked at all. 

The tube is even made with recycled, BPA free plastic!

What does your Fall skincare routine look like? 

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