You've probably seen so many of these on the internet, but there's a good reason for that. Scrubs are very easy to make and you can save a lot of money DIYing them. You can use your own ingredients and totally customize it to you and your body.

It's getting colder, so I wanted an intense but hydrating body scrub. You can choose salt or sugar as your exfoliant, but I adore coffee so I chose coffee grounds. The heavenly aroma is reason enough, but coffee is used in a lot of beauty products for it's caffeine rich properties that help to reduce puffiness and cellulite. Most scrubs contain some type of oil that will hydrate your skin. I love using coconut oil because the scent compliments the coffee, and the rich fatty acids nourish my skin. You can easily stop there, but I wanted to add something special to my scrub. I added tamanu oil for it's wonderful healing properties. I use tamanu oil on my face for healing acne, scars, and dryness, and I get those same benefits for the rest of my body when I incorporate tamanu oil into my body scrubs.

My Tried + Tested Recipe:

1 cup finely ground coffee 1/2 cup Coconut Oil 1 TB Tamanu Oil

I finely grind my coffee for scrubs because it's a little bit gentler than the larger pieces. To assemble, simply mix everything together in a jar and enjoy! I use this on my body only, never my face.

What are your favourite types of body scrubs?

Until next time,