My Cruelty Free + Vegan Makeup Brush Collection

I've done quite a few make up related posts on the blog, and in them I've mentioned the brushes I use, but I've never gone into full detail. Makeup brushes are not the most interesting thing in the world of beauty, but most of us use them everyday. So I figured I'd go through my small makeup brush collection and talk about which ones I love, the ones I've used a few times, and the ones I haven't touched.

The Everyday Essentials

These are the ones I use every day. I thought about just writing about these five brushes, but I may as well go through the whole collection.

Powder Brush // Real Techniques

I use this for my 100 Percent Pure Healthy Skin Foundation Powder. It's really big and fluffy so it's awesome for quickly applying an even layer of powder. I also use this for contouring - which I know sounds weird, but I rarely ever contour in the first place. I've done it maybe twice. With a smaller contour brush, I can never get it to look natural. With a fluffier brush it looks so much better.

Buffing Brush // Real Techniques

This is my favourite brush and the reason I bought the Real Techniques Core Collection. It's the perfect size for a tinted moisturizer, liquid foundation, and concealer. I usually put the foundation on my hand first and go from there. It's so amazing for applying even coverage all over, without making my skin look caked in foundation.

Blush Brush // Real Techniques

I have a love/hate relationship with this brush. It is a bit too big for my liking, and sometimes my blush ends up all over and makes me look like a clown, but other times my blush ends up really nicely. You have to almost learn how to use this brush and how to use it for your face and how you want your blush to look. I am looking for a smaller blush brush, but this is still a lovely, affordable, vegan option.

Contour Brush // Real Techniques

So I don't use this for contouring. Oops. I use this for highlighter. The size is perfect for adding a bit of highlight that looks perfectly blended. It's not too pointed or too big!

Full Eyeshadow Brush // eco Tools (Discontinued)

I don't do a lot when it comes to eyeshadow - I prefer to focus on my face makeup and brows. But this has been wonderful when it comes to the eyes. I love how full it is, without being too full. It's great for applying colour all over the lid along with applying more detailed colour. Plus, eco Tools make super affordable brushes that are of course, vegan.

The Once in a While

Pointed Foundation Brush // Real Techniques

I used to use this one all of the time to apply my 100 Percent Pure Luminizer. But I thought the highlighter looked too defined, which is why I switched over to the contour brush (mentioned above). I've still kept this in the loop sometimes, but not as often as my everyday brushes.

I've Never Used These - Why do I even have them?

Shape & Smudge Duo // eco tools

First off - I couldn't find this brush on their website. Second - I bought this because it was two dollars and I thought one day I'd need it. Nope. Haven't even touched it.

Detailer Brush // Real Techniques

This came with the Core Collection, and it's the only brush I haven't used. I guess it might be good for concealer or eyeshadow or something, but I just haven't reached for it.

Defining Eye Brush // e.l.f. Cosmetics

I used this a lot when I bought it. But it's slanted so it's not as essential as the full eyeshadow brush I mentioned above. It's not a bad brush, I just don't have a need for it.

There's a look at my little brush collection. What are your essential makeup brushes?