I love watching Get Ready With Me YouTube videos, so I thought I'd bring a little of that to my blog.

We all want to sleep better, and most of us want to sleep more. But not all of us can manage to fall asleep, stay asleep, or a combination of the two. To get the best sleep I can, I've developed a night routine that is relaxing and enjoyable, and helps me get a better night's sleep.

Sleep Environment

I really like to set the mood before I get ready for bed, so I'll tidy up the apartment, turn on the fan in bedroom, and open the windows. I'll turn the lights off, light a candle, and I'll put my phone away. And then depending on the weather, I'll make myself a cup of chamomile tea to help me relax. In a few minutes, my apartment becomes a dark, cool, heavenly scented space that I find comforting and enjoyable.

Bedtime Snack

I have been told that eating before bed is a no go because you're supposed to sleep better when your stomach is not digesting food. But personally, I find it harder to sleep when I've got an empty stomach, and I'm sure I'm not the only one.

A high protein snack before bed is a good way to go because protein can help keep you full and a dose before sleep can increase the amount of Growth Hormone released, which helps repair your sore muscles.

I blend a cup of almond milk, a scoop of Sunwarrior Vanilla Protein, two tablespoons of almond butter, a little bit of vanilla and cinnamon, and lots of ice


With my shake in hand, I spend fifteen to thirty minutes stretching. I use a foam roller to loosen up my back and legs, a lacrosse ball to target stiff areas, and yoga positions like downward dog or cat and cow. I've developed a routine that helps me wind down and relax, helping me to sleep much better. If you're new to stretching and yoga, YouTube is a great place to start, and so is MobilityWOD if you're looking for intense mobility work.


After I've stretched, I head to the bathroom for my skincare routine. At night, I cleanse with a cleansing balm  from the Body Shop. I follow up with a toner and Vitamin C serum from Andalou Naturals. Then I'll use a facial oil, preferably Acure Organic's Argan Oil. I'll follow that with a moisturizing balm from 100 Percent Pure.

What do you do to wind down?

Until next time,