Meow Meow Tweet Brand Review
Meow Meow Tweet Band Review

In the second brand review of 2018 I'm covering Meow Meow Tweet - a vegan personal care line based in New York!

Full disclosure, I've worked with MMT, and that's part of why I love them so much. Working with them gave me the opportunity to learn a lot about the brand and the people behind the brand, and I really admire what they're doing.

Their line of products is not only super effective, beautifully packaged, and affordable, but they're striving to reduce waste as much as possible, educate and build a community based on values like caring for the planet and human rights, and encourage accessibility within an industry that is increasingly getting more expensive and luxurious. 

Brand Values

  • Formulating effective, nourishing products without animal ingredients
  • Caring for people and the planet
  • Reducing waste wherever possible
  • Empowering the community 


  • Plant based, completely vegan ingredients

Meow Meow Tweet uses lots of lovely plant based ingredients in their products like witch hazel, coconut oil, rose, shea butter, and essential oils. Their products are the reason I'm obsessed with geranium, palmarosa, and frankincense essential oils! 

  • Truly natural

There's a lot of natural / green beauty brands that use less than ideal ingredients - but quality and transparency are core values at Meow Meow Tweet - they use truly natural ingredients, their products are safely preserved with essential oils and other plant based ingredients, and you can truly trust their products to be safe and natural personal care products. 


Price Tag

Meow Meow Tweet offers high quality products packaged in environmentally responsible glass and biodegradable materials without a hefty price tag. They offer samples of almost all their products, and keep their full sizes below $32 USD, although most are under $25 USD. They also recently started offering their products in Target in an effort to make natural personal care products more accessible to all!

My Favourite Products

I've tried (and loved) a lot of Meow Meow Tweet products, but I can't list them all, so here are my top three:

What do you think about Meow Meow Tweet? I'd love to know what products you've tried!

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