Lush Cup O' Coffee Face + Body Mask Review

If you're into beauty, you've heard of Lush Cosmetics. They're a cool company that focuses on animal rights and cruelty free products. Some of their products do have chemicals and parabens in them, so I totally avoid those. But the company does positive things for animal rights, and I'm all about that.

Of all of Lush's products, their face masks are the most natural. They're filled with high quality clay, fruit, essential oils, and other luxurious ingredients. I usually go for the Cupcake or BB Seaweed masks, but they recently introduced this new face mask - Cup O' Coffee.

The perfect start to your day, this invigorating, coffee infused face mask is a wonderful addition to your skin care drawer. The coffee grounds provide gentle exfoliation, brighten your skin, and can even reduce any puffiness. The Kaolin clay draws out impurities and detoxifies your skin, while the agave syrup is wonderful for it's healing and anti aging properties. Not to mention the glycerin, which is wonderful for giving your skin a little hydration boost. The best part? This mask isn't irritating, and instead your skin is soft and soothed.

If you're into coffee, give this face mask a go! It'll be awesome for treating your skin to a little caffeine goodness.

Until next time,