How to Use Facial Oils in the Spring + Summer (Free Download!)
How to Use Facial Oils in the Spring + Summer

I've been raving about oils for a long time, and one of the things I hear most often is that people want the benefits of face oils and oil based serums, but the texture and oily feeling isn't something they're fond of, especially in the Summer.

And I totally get that.

That's why I prefer to use oil based serums over face oils. You get the best of both worlds, but they usually sink in quicker and are followed by a cream moisturizer, so you don't feel like your skin is weighed down. 

So as Summer approaches, I want to touch on a few ways you can still use face oils, but without getting that oily feeling!

Add to Face Exfoliant

It's no secret that my favourite exfoliant is from Cocokind, and one of the reasons I love it is because it's a dry powder, which means you can get creative with how you use it! 

I usually use water or toner, but you can also add your favourite face oil to get super soft, smooth skin!

  • Dime sized amount of exfoliant
  • 1/4 tsp water
  • Drop or two face oil

The above recipe should give you a good water to oil ratio, but you can totally customize it to your liking! Simple exfoliate as normal (using light pressure for a minute or two) and remove with a warm face cloth before applying your face mask!

Add to Face Mask

This is what I do all Winter long, and sometimes in the Summer when my skin needs extra nourishment.

It's basically the same as the exfoliant - mix your clay mask with your face oil, and a little bit of water to get a nourishing, cleansing, and clarifying treatment!

You can even add a drop of geranium essential oil to reduce inflammation, improve circulation, and act as an astringent! 

Add to Cream Moisturizer

And finally, I always recommend adding a drop of oil to your cream moisturizer. You'll get the benefits of the nourishing plant oil while thoroughly moisturizing your skin without any heavy or greasy feeling! 

Adding face oils to your skincare routine doesn't have to mean slathering them all over, it can mean just adding them here and there until your skin is soft and glowy!