How to Simplify Your Beauty Routine with Coconut Oil

The holidays can be a chaotic time where we often forget to take care of ourselves. There's parties, shopping, baking, gift giving and finishing up the year so we often let our little self care practices slide here and there. But when we practice self care, we feel our best. So how can we get everything done and take care of ourselves? Simplifying. You may not have time to use all of your lotions and scrubs and masks, but that's where the simple goodness of coconut oil comes in.

You may know a lot about coconut oil, it's health benefits, and it's versatility. But you may not, so I'll give you a little summary. Coconut oil is rich in saturated fat that's wonderful for your cholesterol. Not to mention how the fatty acids in coconut oil can kill pathogens, bacteria, and viruses! It's also great for your brain, body fat, and weight. If you want to learn more, check out this simple and informative article.

Now too get all of those benefits, we can incorporate coconut oil into our diet through cooking, smoothies, even coffee! But we're here to chat about beauty so I'm going to share the versatility and simplicity of incorporating coconut oil into your beauty routine.

Body Moisturizer

This is probably the easiest way to use coconut oil. When you're in a hurry and don't want to be bothered with body lotion, foot cream, and hand cream, reach for a jar of coconut oil. It's a light but nourishing and hydrating oil that's going to sink in quickly and give you long lasting hydration throughout your holiday party or shopping day with friends.

DIY Body Scrub

If you need some exfoliation, but have no time to buy a scrub, try making your own. Using salt, sugar, or coffee grounds, you can make a simple scrub with coconut oil. My favourite recipe is a simple Coffee + Coconut Body Scrub.

Leave In Conditioner

If you're out of your leave in conditioner, or over styling is making your hair a little crazy, reach for coconut oil. A little bit on the ends of your hair will nourish your dried ends, leaving you with soft and smooth locks.

Makeup Remover

Have you ever looked at the ingredients in your cleanser and found coconut oil? That's because it easily removes your makeup. By simply massaging it into your skin you can remove makeup while cleansing and hydrating your skin. It saves you the trouble of going through a six product skincare routine before bed, but you'll still wake up with soft and smooth skin.

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