How to Heal Yourself with Traditional Medicinals

How to Heal Yourself with Traditional Medicinals

I believe in using a combination of western and eastern medicines to heal ourselves. I also believe in trusting our intuition and listening to our bodies at all times because I believe we know our bodies better than anyone else. 

While I rely on a multitude of healing practices, today I want to share how I incorporate the Traditional Medicinals into my daily healing practice. 

Who is Traditional Medicinals? 

Founded by the well known herbalist Rosemary Gladstar and environmental activist Drake Sadler, Traditional Medicinals is a leading wellness tea company founded on ideas of sustainability, purity, and environmental activism. 

You can learn more about Traditional Medicinals here, read about their herbal experts here, and learn all about their purity and development processes

While I've tried several tea companies, there is no one like Traditional Medicinals. No other teas taste as great, foster real results, and are as socially responsible as Traditional Medicinals. While not zero waste, their tea bags are compostable and all packaging is recyclable. 

What Healing Tea Blends do They Offer?

There are so many! From green teas to chamomile and everything in between, they're there to support you and your body. Check out their website for full offerings. 

How Can I Use these Blends to Heal Myself? 

I've recently cut out caffeine in an effort to reduce anxiety, calm my body, and reduce cortisol levels. 

My Daily Healing Tea Routine.

I start my day with a lemon and ginger tea that helps to awaken my digestive system and boost my immune system.

This is a really important part of my day as I've noticed a real difference in my immunity. I haven't gotten sick in months, despite my partner and coworkers getting sick many times. 

Around mid morning I have a cup of the EveryDay Detox with Dandelion. This delicious, healing blend helps support my digestive system with dandelion, fennel, licorice, and peppermint. 

As you may know, the digestive system is important for overall health, so I love using this tea to give my system some daily love. 

At night I have to have a cup of Chamomile before bed to help calm my body and induce sleep. If you're not a fan of chamomile, they also offer Nighty Night, a calming blend of herbs that can help you to fall asleep. 

When I'm Nauseous. 

I get nauseous quite easily, especially during travel. The Traditional Medicinals Organic Ginger Tea has become the most important part in my travel routine.

When I've got a flight, I drink ginger tea before, during, and after to help settle my stomach and reduce symptoms. It's much more effective than any kind of pills I've ever taken. 

When I'm Sick.

The first thing I do when I feel a cold coming on is reach for a cup of Echinacea Plus to help relieve my symptoms and speed recovery. If you're new to herbal teas, I really recommend the Cold Season Sampler so you can figure out which herbal blends are best for your body.

What I've started doing recently is adding raw honey and a bit of Homemade Fire Cider to really give my system a boost. 

I love being able to listen to and support my body through natural alternatives. I hope this post helps inspire you to try some herbal teas and I'd love to know if you have any favourite alternative medicines. 

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