How to Create a Zero Waste Shaving Routine

How to Create a Zero Waste Shaving Routine

Are you trying to reduce waste? Me too. It's better for the environment and it's better for you. I know it's helped me financially, emotionally, and mentally, and I feel so great every time I'm able to buy groceries without waste. 

When it comes to your beauty routines, it might be a little difficult to cut out the waste. This year I've decided to make my own herbal and healing creations, get more familiar with essential oils, and ultimately reduce waste without losing the joy in my self care rituals. 

Thankfully, one of the easiest things to do was to begin a zero waste shaving routine. 

If you're really one for minimalism and no waste, you could stop shaving altogether. I haven't shaved my pits in years. It's really freeing, I find it way more comfortable, I swear it makes me smell less during workouts, and it's literally zero waste. And zero maintenance! 

But if that's not your thing, that's okay. I shave my legs because the silky smooth feeling after a shave is one of my favourites. It makes me feel clean and fresh, and it makes spray tanning a lot easier. Let's dive in!

How to Create a Zero Waste Shaving Routine

What Do I Need to Shave Zero Waste?

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I've linked to the razor I use. It's a German made razor that's really good quality and so easy to use. As for the bar of soap, you can buy special shaving soaps, but I use whatever bar I have on hand and I find it works great. 

How Do I Shave with a Safety Razor? 

I was really worried about shaving with a safety razor. For some reason, it looks scarier and if you've never used one before it can be daunting.

I looked up videos on YouTube and asked around for advice, but the best advice I can give you is to give yourself plenty of time in the beginning so you can go as slow as you need. And to not press down on the blade. Let the weight of the razor do all the work, just guide it across you skin. 

How to Create a Zero Waste Shaving Routine

Do I Get a Better Shave with a Safety Razor? 

Yes! Once you get the hang of shaving with a safety razor, it's really simple. It takes me just a few minutes to shave both legs. 

I've also noticed I don't nick myself as much with a safety razor. When I used disposables, I'd end up nicking myself at least once every time I shaved, but with a safety razor, that doesn't happen. 

I also gives a better, closer, smoother shave. That means I'm not shaving as much, which makes the razor blades last longer, which also helps reduce waste. 

How Much Waste Am I Reducing? 

It depends on how often you shave. With proper care, your safety razor will last you a lifetime. That means you're reducing all of the plastic handles and disposable blades that you would be purchasing in the future. 

Does a Safety Razor Cost More? 

It is more of an up front cost. The one I bought was $50 USD and the blades were $10 USD. But the razor will last me a lifetime and the blades will last me a year. Once you've bought the razor and your first set of blades, you're only spending $10 USD each year on new blades. How much do you spend now on disposable plastic razors? 

What are your thoughts on safety razors? How are you reducing waste in your green beauty routine? 

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