How to Choose the Right Essential Oils for Your Skin Type + Free Workbook

Essential oils are super trendy right now, especially on Instagram. People are using them for everything from DIY cleaning products to dealing with illness.

As someone who's been using essential oils for years, it's wonderful to see.

I use essential oils mostly in my cleaning routine and to keep the apartment smelling great in our diffuser.

But I use a lot of skin and body products with essential oils too. Today I want to share my tips and tricks for using essential oils in your personal care routine. 

But first let's talk about figuring out your skin type, which oils are best for your skin type, and then we'll move on to how you can get the most out of your essential oils. 

What is my Skin Type? 

Our skin is a complex organ and we're all a little different. That's one of the reasons there's so many beauty products out there; because we're all different and we all respond differently to products. 

But in general, we can classify our skin based on a type. The most common types are oily, dry, and combination. But you can also have acne prone, sensitive, or dehydrated skin. Or a combination of them all. 

I've listed different symptoms of each skin type below. You can also use the free workbook at the bottom of this post to work through discovering your own skin type. 

  • Oily Skin 
    • Shiny
    • Large pores
    • Prone to acne
    • Comfortable after a hot shower or cleansing 
  • Dry Skin
    • Feels tight 
    • Small pores
    • Prone to fine lines + wrinkles 
    • Prone to flakiness and dry patches 
    • Feels uncomfortable after a hot shower or cleansing 
  • Combination Skin
    • Pores are larger around the T-Zone
    • Cheeks are normal
    • T-Zone feels oily
    • Can be difficult to find products that leave the entire face feeling comfortable 
  • Acne Prone Skin 
    • Prone to pimples, white heads, black heads
  • Sensitive Skin
    • Flares up easily, especially to touch, heat, or new products
    • Irritated
    • Sometimes itchy
    • Sun burns easily 
  • Dehydrated Skin 
    • Can look dull 
    • Responds positive to steam and humid weather
    • Feels uncomfortable after cleansing or showering 
    • Can have flaky and dry patches 

What Essential Oils Should I Use Based on My Skin Type? 

Essential oils have so many benefits, but it's important to use ones that are right for you. It's also important to dilute them. They should never be applied to the skin alone. But don't worry, I'll walk you through my favourite ways to safely use them. 

On another note, if you are pregnant, or have any health conditions, please talk to your doctor about using these. I am not a doctor or any health professional and these ideas are only what works for me and my body. 

  • Oily Skin
    • Orange
    • Lemongrass
    • Bergamot
  • Dry Skin 
    • Chamomile
    • Ylang Ylang
    • Sandalwood
  • Combination Skin 
    • Patchouli
    • Lemon
    • Rosemary
  • Acne Prone Skin 
    • Lavender
    • Frankincense 
    • Tea Tree
  • Sensitive Skin 
    • Geranium
    • Lavender
    • Jasmine 
  • Dehydrated Skin 
    • Sandalwood 
    • Rose
    • Chamomile 

How Can I Get the Most From My Essential Oils? 

There are so many ways to use essential oils. If you're taking the time to discover which ones are best for you, it's important that you also discover how to use them. 

My most favourite way to use essential oils is a relaxing, pore opening Face Steam

To get the benefits of a face steam for your whole body, add a few drops of essential oil to your bath.

I also love what facial oils can do for your skin, so adding a few drops of essential oils can really give you a boost! I go in detail about this here and even share some of my favourite combinations. 

You can also add a drop or two to your favourite face mask. This is especially great for dry, clay masks that you have to mix with water. Instead of adding as much water, add just one drop to the clay, followed by water. 

Last but definitely not least, you can easily create a DIY scrub that's customized to you and your needs. All you need is sugar, a body oil like coconut or sweet almond, and the essential oils for your skin type. You can also follow a DIY recipe like this one or this one

Free Workbook? Yes Please! 

You can download this free workbook to help you discover your skin type, identify the best essential oils for you, and create a custom self care routine to help you get the most out of essential oils. 

Once you've learned about your skin, decided which oils are right for you, and created a little self care routine, let me know! Send me pictures, thoughts, whatever you want on Twitter or Instagram

What are your thoughts on using essential oils? 

Until next time,