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How to Care for Unmanageable Hair

How to Care for Unmanageable Hair

How to Care for Unmanageable Hair

Unmanageable hair is something I'm very familiar with. Whether your hair is quite dry, looks greasy, feels itchy or flaky, or has a dull colour, your scalp and hair is likely imbalanced in some way.

But, like with most things, there are a few ways to remedy this situation and get your hair back to its usual self.

Look at Your Foundation

The most important part of your hair care routine is your shampoo and conditioner. These are the foundational products that will keep your hair cleansed, balanced, and manageable.

If you're experiencing unmanageable hair, start by looking at your shampoo and conditioner because it's likely they're not doing their job.

If you've been using the same products for months, think about switching to avoid product build up. If you've just started using new products, maybe they're not for you. And if you haven't switched to a natural alternative, now is the time!

Find a Balancing Shampoo Schedule

It's a good idea to take a look at how often you're washing your hair.

Washing everyday, and even every other day, is a little much. This can remove the natural oils from your scalp, causing your skin to feel too dry and overproduce oil, which can lead to that greasy feeling.

But washing your just once a week is probably too little, and it can not only leave your hair feeling greasy, but it can lead to an unbalanced, itchy, and flaky scalp. 

I find washing my hair every three to four days is ideal.

Avoid Product Overload

You'll want to make sure you're not overloading your hair with products. When I was using dry shampoo every single day, I had a lot of build up that made my hair feel super greasy, no matter how often I washed it. Now I avoid dry shampoo unless absolutely necessary. 

Use a Hair Mask

If all else fails, push the restart button and give your scalp a gentle, clarifying treatment. 

Made with detoxifying bentonite clay and pH balancing apple cider vinegar, Hello Glow's Detox Hair Mask Recipe might be just what your hair needs.

A couple months ago, my hair was so out of balance (a shampoo and conditioner that weren't working coupled with too much dry shampoo!) it left me with a super itchy, flaky scalp and perpetually greasy hair. It was so frustrating.

And the only thing that got my hair back on track was this hair mask. It was like getting a new head of hair - the mask soothed irritation, cleansed my scalp, removed build up, and left me with the soft, shiny, and manageable hair that I had missed!

After this mask, I was able to easily transition to a new hair care line and I immediately stopped using so much dry shampoo, so now, months later, my hair is still manageable and easy to care for. 

Is your hair unmanageable? How do you care for it?

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