How to Achieve Flawless Makeup with FitGlow Beauty

Your makeup is only as good as your brushes. 

There have been a few times where I've thought a product didn't work for me, but in reality it was the brush that wasn't the right fit. 

That's why I want to share the unique Vegan Brush Set* from FitGlow Beauty. 

Made with synthetic brushes and a bamboo handle, these brushes are the perfect addition to your cruelty free collection. 

What Brushes are Included? 

  • Foundation brush 

This brush is a great addition to your foundation routine. The longer brushes work more gently than a buffing brush to give you a more natural, smooth look. 

  • Contour Brush 

This brush is my favourite of the entire set, but I don't use it for contouring. I actually use it as a foundation brush when I'm using the Alima Pure Satin Matte Foundation. I find it's the best brush for even, smooth application that's not too light or too heavy. 

  • Multi-Purpose Blending Brush 

This brush is great for blending eye shadow. I love having a separate blending brush because it makes the whole process easier and quicker. 

  • Eye Shadow Brush

A must have eye shadow brush. I really don't think you need several eye shadow brushes; a classic like this does the job perfectly. 

  • Rounded Detail Brush 

I don't really use this one, but it could be great for eye shadow application, or maybe highlighting. 

  • Pointed Liner Brush 

I use this when I'm using a creamier concealer or highlight. The tiny tip allows for lots of precision. 

  • Brow / Lash Comb 

A must have when you're as obsessed with brows as I am. There's nothing else that makes me feel so put together! 

All of these brushes are wrapped in a vegan bag that's perfect for on the go touch ups and traveling. 

The Low Down

While other brushes can make application difficult, leaving my skin looking either cakey or patchy, these leave my skin looking incredibly smooth and natural.

My concealer and foundation are so much easier to apply and I've gotten so many more compliments on my makeup. These vegan brushes from FitGlow Beauty have made such a positive difference, that I actually want to wear makeup more! 

What makeup brushes do you use? How do they perform? 

Until next time, 


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