Self care, pamper routines, baths, face masks; these are all words that make me happy. I love taking time for me, whether that be a hot bath, doing my nails, or putting on a face mask. Today I want to share my most recent self care staples, some clay masks from a lovely natural skincare brand.

Herbivore Botanicals was founded in 2011 and focuses on natural skin care products that are 100% vegan. They care about quality, ensuring the best possible products. Over the last few months I have been testing their clay masks, and I'm in love.

All of these masks come as clay, and must be mixed with a touch of water to create a paste. After applying, they are left on for ten to fifteen minutes, and then are easily removed with some hot water and a cloth. I must say, these are the easiest clay masks to remove. I used to plan my clay masks around my shower, so the hot water and steam would help loosen the clay. I don't have to with these, I simply wipe my face with the towel and the clay is easily removed.

These masks all contain natural ingredients, smell amazing, and haven't irritated my sensitive skin. They tick all of the boxes!

Activate //

This one acts as a deep pore cleanse, something my problematic skin really needs. This contains charcoal, which a lot of beauty brands are incorporating these days. The charcoal and dead sea clay work to bring everything to the surface, helping to get everything out so your skin can heal and recover.

Brighten //

This was the first mask I tried, and the first one I fell in love with. A lot of products promise increased brightness, but rarely deliver. In the middle of a Canadian winter, I could see a noticeable difference in my skin after my first use. My skin looked almost illuminated!

Blue Clay //

This is similar to the Activate mask, but it's meant to be a spot treatment for your problematic areas. I use this sparingly, because I don't want to irritate my acne and I tend to leave it alone as much as possible. The Cambrian blue clay helps to clarify and balance your skin, perfect for problematic skin types.

These masks are a simple way to treat your skin when you need a bit of a pick me up. They have changed the way I think about clay masks, and instead of labouring over the removal process, they have made it short and simple.

The ingredients are completely natural and vegan, there is no animal testing involved, and they are effective.

Have you tried these masks? What are you favourite clay masks?

Until next time,