Green Beauty Shopping with Petal & Post

It is my pleasure to introduce you to a unique, local, organic beauty shop, Petal & Post.

Local to Toronto, this online shop features "an authentic collection of the world's finest luxury organic, natural, small-batch and ethically crafted beauty, baby, home, and wellness products." (About)

What drew me to this shop at first was the ease of online green beauty shopping, but what has kept me interested is the devotion to truly organic, ethical products. I want to purchase and support brands that have a passion for sustainable practices, and Petal & Post make it easy to do so. 

I also adore their wide selection of products. While I'm most drawn to their selection of organic makeup and skincare, I love that I can also find natural products for my home, and for my own health and wellness. Petal & Post makes it easy to shop natural for you and your family. 

Petal & Post wants to share their products with you, so they're generously giving away a $100 gift card! There are several ways to enter to win, so once you're done reading my post, scroll down to enter! 

While I've reviewed their products before, today I want to share four of my favourite green beauty products they have to offer. 

Frankincense Argan Oil // Leaves of Trees 

My skin adores argan oil, but I've always used a brand from the States. When I discovered Petal & Post, the first product I wanted to try was this argan oil.

Leaves of Trees is also local to Toronto and they work really hard at sustainable and ethical production, so I'm happy to support them. 

Beyond their practices, this argan oil is the best I've ever tried. My skin absolutely adores it. It's worked to help nourish and hydrate my skin, but also repair scars and blemishes. It's given me a radiant, healthy glow that I love.  

Natural Vegan Mascara* // Lily Lolo

This is a very hyped up product within the green community, so I was delighted to give it a go.

I'm happy to say that I can totally see why everyone loves it. Most natural mascaras leave my lashes flat, irritated, or they just don't do anything. 

But this one gives my lashes a dark coat of colour, insane length, and lots of volume. It's perfect for every makeup look, or even alone with a light coat of lip gloss. 

Nail Polish in Dream Vacation* // Treat Collection

I love doing my nails, but my job doesn't give me the opportunity to do them often. However, I've been diving into green beauty polishes anyway! 

This was the first Treat Collection polish I've tried, and I really loved it. It's a really bright colour that's perfect for Spring and Summer. The brush and formula are really great, and remind me of the O.P.I brush and formula, but without all of the chemicals. 

Speaking of chemicals, Petal & Post has you covered with these polishes, as they're free of formaldehyde, formaldehyde resin, toluene, DBP, and camphor! 

Germs Away Mist* // Graydon

I'm not the biggest use of sanitizer, but I love having it handy when I'm in public. I don't like using the chemical filled, animal tested soap that's in most bathrooms, but you gotta wash your hands. So having a really great, natural sanitizer on hand is always a good idea. 

I love this one because it's a spray, so just two quick sprays and I'm good to go. It's light, it isn't greasy or drying, and it has the most amazing scent. It's a natural, herbal scent that I adore. I'm actually planning on getting their Germs Away AromaBlend because I love it so much. 

Have you heard of Petal & Post? What do you think? 

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