Empties #31: Skincare
Empties #31 Skincare

It's time for another round of skincare empties!

Brightening Konjac Sponge / Andalou Naturals

I love using konjac sponges to gently exfoliate my skin. But I found that this time around I kept reaching for my cocokind Sea Moss Exfoliator instead. 

The konjac sponge is great for in between exfoliation, but for a good weekly treatment you'll want to use exfoliating grains. Another benefit of the konjac sponges is they're compostable. While the packaging isn't, it makes for a little bit less waste overall. I'm not sure if I'll be repurchasing. 

Herbal Clay Purifying Masque Sample* / Sattva Pure (Discontinued)

After trying (and loving) everything I've tried from Sattva Pure, I was very excited to get my hands on their purifying masque. This is meant to reduce congestion and improve clarity and I found it did just that. The clay all works together to draw out impurities, while the white willow bark was great for reducing inflammation and the peppermint water was so invigorating. 

It's a very intense mask that might be too much for severely dry skin, but I can't wait to get a full size. As soon as I work my way through the rest of my mask collection!

Nourish & Protect Cream Cleanser / Sattva Pure (Discontinued)

This is such a good cleanser. I've reviewed it a lot here on the blog so I'll just say one more time, it's a light, creamy cleanser that removes makeup without stripping your skin. It always leaves my skin feeling soft and balanced. I already have a back up. 

CoQ-10 Toner / Indie Lee

I was so excited to try this. While I love 'affordable' brands and they're always going to be what I gravitate towards, I've wanted to try more luxe, high end brands.

But every time I try one, they're just not effective. This toner really didn't do much of anything. It wasn't bad, it just didn't do anything to my skin. I won't be repurchasing. 

Hyaluronic Acid Serum / Viva Pure

I was also disappointed by this serum. My skin loves hyaluronic acid as it helps my skin stay hydrated. I did like this serum, but it didn't leave my skin as soft and hydrated as other serums have.

And the packaging was really frustrating. The dropper didn't work very well so by the end I just poured the serum into my hands and applied. I won't be repurchasing. 

Collagen Elastin Plus Serum / Pure + Simple

I loved this serum. Though I only had a sample size, I saw a noticeable difference in my skin. My skin looked more glowy and radiant, it was brighter, clearer, and softer. This is the second serum I've tried (and loved) from Pure + Simple and I'm hoping to purchase a full size soon. 

Sport Sunscreen Stick SPF 35 / Badger Balm

While I adored this sunscreen as I was using it, I can tell you right now I won't be repurchasing. I'm currently using the Badger Balm Unscented Sunscreen with SPF 30 and I love it so much more. 

That being said, this sunscreen is still amazing. It's incredibly affordable, as this stick lasted me a whole year. It's moisturizing without being heavy or greasy, and it was really effective at protecting my skin. If you've been curious about this product, get it.  

Face + Body Cream* / Meow Meow Tweet

I loved this cream. While I used it as a face cream, this also works well as a body cream. As a face cream it was heavenly. It's rich, but not heavy, and it worked really well for my dry, sensitive, and acne prone skin. There's no fake fragrance, no icky ingredients, and it's all organic. I've actually already purchased the full size. 

Fruit Pigmented Long Last Concealer with Super Fruits / 100% Pure

One of the few makeup products I've actually emptied, I'm really happy to be done with this. It wasn't a horrible concealer, but the colour wasn't great, and it didn't work that well to cover spots. It was moisturizing and nourishing, but I won't be repurchasing.

As for makeup, I've switched over my entire routine to using just Cocokind products!

Do you see any of your favourites in these empties?

With love, 


*Products marked with an ( * ) were sent to me for review. To learn more, please see my Disclaimer