Empties 29 Skin + Bath

I'm not sure why but I've been going through a lot of products lately, which means I've got a lot of empties to share. I'm going to cover just skincare and bath products today, and next week I'll cover the body care empties. Enjoy! 

Super Detox Deep Purification Wipes / Pacifica Beauty 

I'm not a huge fan of using face wipes everyday, but they're really handy to have. I use them for taking makeup off before a workout, wiping off swatches in stores, and for removing makeup if I'm not ready to do a full skincare routine. 

I really like these ones because they're affordable, compostable, and they're great for all skin types. With willow bark to reduce inflammation, aloe to soothe, papaya to gently exfoliate and kale to nourish, you really can't go wrong with these handy wipes. 

Toner* / Urban Alchemist

This actually isn't available online as I was lucky enough to get a custom made toner from Natalie at Urban Alchemist.

She blended a toner with soothing lavender and witch hazel and balancing apple cider vinegar.. It was a really great toner that I would love to see in her online shop, so I'm just keeping my fingers crossed. 

Restore & Replenish Hydrating Mist* / Sattva Pure (Discontinued)

The key to keeping my acne at bay is hydrating products, so naturally this toner is a lifesaver. I used it most often as a toner (duh) and a makeup setting spray, which really helped to seal my makeup and prevent any dry patches.

I also used it as a refreshing mist after the gym. It worked well to not only refresh and revive my skin, but also to hydrate and soothe, which meant I didn't need to carry around a moisturizer. 

Keep Calm Face Serum / The Granola Goat (Discontinued)

This serum was so helpful in keeping my skin from freaking out as the seasons changed from Spring to Summer. My skin normally doesn't do well with climate changes, and I always get more acne and congested as the temperatures warm up.

But this serum, which is made with only three ingredients, helped to keep all of the irritation at bay. If you're looking for simple, but effective skincare products, The Granola Goat should definitely be your new go to. 

Floral Bath Soak / Lavami 

I've wanted to try something from Lavami for a really long time, so I was so happy to get this as a Christmas gift. Made with dead sea salt, epsom salts, essential oils, and flowers, this is a simple, but luxurious soak. It's incredibly fragrant, but not in a fake, chemical way. Combined with pure essential oils, the rose petals and lavender buds work together to create a beautiful, floral scent that's just amazing. The dead sea salt was also really nice for my skin, and epsom salts are great for soothing sore muscles. 

Read the full review here

Detox Bath Salts* / Sattva Pure (Discontinued)

Spoiler alert: I adored the entire line of Sattva Pure bath salts. They're all made with simple ingredients like different kinds of salts and essential oils. This one was one of my favourites because of the eucalyptus oil, which is really great for kind of reviving your senses. I loved mixing a handful of this soak with a few cups of epsom salts to create a healing soak.

Another thing I really love about these soaks is that they're not super fragrant, and they're great for sensitive skin. It made bath time a lot more enjoyable and I didn't need to worry about the products I was using. 

Argan Oil* / Buhbli Organics

I've been kind of off facial oils for a while, so I've been using the ones I have as bath oils. I have nothing against face oils of course, they're actually really great for my skin. But as the temperatures heat up, I just don't want to layer oils on my skin. Doesn't feel good. 

But I did love using this as a bath oil. Argan oil is my favourite oil because it's helps to moisturize my skin while repairing acne, scars, wrinkles, and sun damage. It's a powerhouse oil that I recommend to everyone. 

Have you tried any of these empties? 

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*Products marked with an ( * ) were sent to me for review. To learn more, please see my Disclaimer