Empties #29: Body Care
Empties #29: Body Care

Hi all! Hope you're doing well. Today's a second installment of my 29th empties post. Last week I covered some skincare and bath bits and today I'm covering lots of body care favourites. 

Nail Polish Remover / Mineral Fusion

Of all the nail polish removers I've used, this is most effective. Made with just three ingredients, this easily removes nail polish of all colours without damaging your nails. It's also vegan, acetone free, and affordable. I've already repurchased. 

Citrus Riot Body Wash* / Ursa Major

While I'm happy to not be using a plastic bottle anymore, I'm sad to see this one go. I adored the fresh, invigorating scent; a complex blend of citrusy lime, spicy ginger, and herbal bergamot. It's also made with 100% organic ingredients, which was evident in how gentle, yet effective it was.

I'd totally repurchase this if it was a bar soap, but instead I'd love to try their Morning Mojo Soap for a plastic free alternative. 

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Organic Self Tanning Spray / The Chocolate Sun

As a pale kid, I loved sun tanning. But once I realized how horrible it can be for your health, I wanted a natural, self tanning alternative. Last summer I discovered The Chocolate Sun and instantly fell in love.

Their self tanning spray is a simple product made with recognizable ingredients. It's so easy to use it's almost impossible to mess up. I don't consider it an everyday product, but it's so nice to have around for any special occasions. 

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Cocoa Skin Cream / Meow Meow Tweet (Discontinued)

This versatile cream was the first MMT product I fell in love with. Made with organic and fair trade shea and cocoa butters, along with organic hemp oil and sunflower oil, it's a simple, yet multipurpose cream that's essential for your beauty line up.

I used it as a body cream, because the silky smooth texture was a dream to use all over. But you can also use this as a makeup remover, cleansing balm, and face cream. 

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Coffee + Peppermint Body Scrub* / Urban Alchemist

You all know I adore UA products for their simple ingredients, effective formulas, and unique offerings. Their body butters and scrubs are some of my favourites, and they've become my go to over the last few months.

But I don't think this one was for me. I used to love coffee scrubs, but I think because I'm showering at night now, I prefer more sweet scents, like their Cacao + Cookie Scrub (which is heavenly). 

Don't get me wrong, this refreshing coffee scrub is still effective, leaving your skin soft and smooth. If coffee scrubs are your thing, add this to your line up asap. 

Eucalyptus Lemon Deodorant Stick* / Meow Meow Tweet

There's a reason Meow Meow Tweet is one of the superstars in the vegan deodorant department. This was the first deodorant of theirs that I've tried, and I loved it.

What drew me in was the biodegradable packaging. I can't get enough of brands that are working towards sustainable ways to package their products, and I think MMT does this wonderfully.

I also loved the formula. It's a light, but creamy texture that's easily applied to your skin. It's long lasting, and it's got this unique ability to neutralize odor, instead of covering it up.

I will say if you apply too much it can create a little bit of an armpit stain, thanks to the coconut oil, but I found this is easily avoidable if you apply a small amount, which is really all you need anyways.

I'm currently using the Lavender Bergamot scent, and after that I'll be trying out their baking soda free formula

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Organic Healing Balm / The Honest Co. 

Alright last but not least! This organic balm is perfect for really dry hands. I used it almost everyday to deeply nourish my skin. It not only moisturized, but it also had healing chamomile and calendula to speed up my skin's healing process. I won't repurchase because of the plastic packaging, but if you're looking for a simple, healing balm, this is a solid go to. 

Have you tried any of these products? Is there anything you've got your eye on? 

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