Empties #24: Acure Organics, Lily Lolo + More

I can really tell I'm simplifying my beauty routines because my empties posts are getting smaller and smaller. Today I have just a few hair and body products to share with you. 

Hydrating Shampoo // Acure Organics

While my hair is usually pretty oily, it becomes very dry in the Winter. This restorative and hydrating shampoo was really great for nourishing my hair and preventing it from getting dehydrated or damaged. 

While the shampoo is biodegradable, I won't repurchase because of the packaging. I'm looking for a shampoo bar, so if you have any suggestions let me know! 

Clarifying Conditioner // Acure Organics

I loved this lemongrass scented conditioner. It is very creamy and it's great for repairing dry ends and adding lots of shine. 

This conditioner is also biodegradable, but because of the packaging I won't repurchase. 

Evening Primrose Age Revitalizing Hand Cream // Weleda

I've heard so many great things about Weleda so I was really excited to try their hand cream. But it didn't work for me, I found it to be slippery and watery, so it didn't do much for my skin. I won't repurchase. 

Malibu Lemon Blossom Super Hydrating Hand Cream // Pacifica Beauty 

I loved this one, the scent is more natural and light than the others, but it's still really hydrating. I'm thinking about getting their solid perfume in this scent. 

While I liked the product, I won't repurchase because of the packaging. I'll be opting for a body butter in a small glass jar instead. 

Tahitian Gardenia Super Hydrating Hand Cream // Pacifica Beauty

I really loved this scent as well. It's bright and cheery and a little invigorating, so I loved using it while I was out and about. But I won't repurchase because of the packaging. 

Natural Vegan Mascara* // Lily Lolo 

Finding a natural mascara that actually works can be difficult. The ones I've tried either haven't worked or irritated my eyes. 

But this one is my all around favourite. I love the simple packaging, the natural ingredients, and how effective it is. You can read more about this vegan mascara here

I will be repurchasing, but I'm currently dealing with a long term eye issue that prevents me from wearing mascara, so it'll be a while. 

What do you think of these green beauty options? 

Until next time, 


*Products marked with an ( * ) were sent to me for review. To learn more, please see my Disclaimer