Empties #23: Meow Meow Tweet + More

A new month means new empties! Are you excited for October? I'm so excited for some scary movies, and of course all of the pumpkin baked goods. 

Cocoa Skin Cream // Meow Meow Tweet (Discontinued)

After reading Skin Cleanse I decided to really simplify not only the products I use, but the ingredients. This hydrating cream is made with just four natural ingredients; cocoa and Shea butters, sunflower oil, and hemp seed oil.

They all have their own unique properties to really nourish of your skin. My favourite ingredient is the cocoa butter because it gives the cream a delicious, cocoa scent. I'll definitely be repurchasing. 

Daily Care Original Mint Toothpowder // Eco Dent

Toothpowders are a great way to start using natural oral care products. This one is made with just a few natural ingredients so you can still take care of your teeth without exposing them to harmful chemicals.

However, I won't be repurchasing because I've started to make my own powder. Look for a blog post coming soon! 

Daily Care Dazzling Mint Tooth Whitener // Eco Dent

If you want a little more whitening power, but you still want to use natural products, this is a great option. The results aren't drastic, but it's a great way to maintain a white smile if you regularly drink tea, coffee, or other teeth staining foods. 

Once again, while the product is really great, I won't be repurchasing becauese I'm DIYing my own tooth powder in an effort to reduce waste. 

Charcoal Konjac Sponge // Beauty by Earth 

This konjac sponge comes in a pack of two, and while I was expecting to love this one the most, I didn't.

Charcoal is supposed to help draw out impurities and clarify your pores, but I found this one irritated my skin more because it felt a lot more abrasive. I won't be repurchasing. 

Organic Argan Oil* // Buhbli Organics

I love argan oil for it's ability to hydrate, heal, and repair your skin all in one go. I liked the Buhbli Organics argan oil, but I find I like the Leaves of Trees one a bit more. So I won't repurchase, but I'm definitely keeping it in mind in case I'm in a pinch and need a new bottle asap! 

Pure Tamanu Oil // Life Flo

Tamanu is great for hydrating and healing your skin, which is perfect for my acne, acne scars, and wrinkles.

I won't be repurchasing right away, but as soon as I want another oil cleanser, I'll be buying this one. 

DIY SPF 30 Facial Serum // Andalou Naturals (Discontinued) 

A daily SPF cream is really important to me, as I have fair and sensitive skin that burns easily, and a family history of skin cancer.

I had found one that I adored, but I'm trying to move away from that brand because of their excessive packaging. Finding a new one has been a bit difficult, as once again my skin is quite sensitive.

But leave it to Andalou to provide a simple sunscreen that's effective and non irritating. I do find I need to apply it several times throughout the day to really protect my skin, which can be difficult when I wear makeup. But all in all I really liked it.

I'm trying to repurchase, but I've actually had difficulty finding it here in Toronto, so I may have to wait until I go back to the States.

If you have any SPF recommendations please leave them below! 

Coffee Bean Caffeine Eye Cream // 100% Pure

I've used this eye cream for the last two years because it's nourishing, soothing, and it helps hydrate such a sensitive area.

But I won't be repurchasing because I'm going to be using my night cream as an eye cream. I just don't find it super effective to use both a facial cream and an eye cream, so I'm removing the extra step. 

Fruit Pigmented Brightening Concealer in Creme // 100% Pure

This has been my go to concealer for the last three years. It was actually the first 100% Pure I tried, and the first natural makeup product I used. But in an effort to reduce waste, I'll be refraining from repurchasing.

100% Pure has created wonderful skin and makeup products, but they use a lot of excessive packaging. I'm going to be looking for alternatives, hopefully from local brands, so if you have any recommendations please let me know! 

Brow Wiz in Taupe // Anastasia Beverly Hills

I love this simple, easy to use brow pen. I'm actually using a different product right now and I miss the ease of this pen!

However, I won't be repurchasing because I do really want to find something more natural. Once again, if you have any favourites, let me know! 

Have you tried any of these green beauty products? 

Until next time, 


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