Empties #21: Sattva Pure, Herbivore Botanicals, + More

I hope you're all doing well! I can't believe it's already August, but I'm so excited because I've got almost the whole month off school. Now I can focus on self care and working on some exciting blogging things! What are you up to? Let me know in the comments! 

Today I'm sharing a wide variety of empties. There's lots of body care, but also some skin care and makeup. 

Foaming Shaving Gel // Acure Organics (Discontinued)

I love this shaving gel because it's a very natural shave gel that's still very foamy. I love the ingredients, like cucumber to soothe and sweet almond oil to hydrate.

While I love this product, in an effort to reduce waste, I won't be repurchasing. Instead I'll be opting for a multi use bar of soap that's hydrating and soothing enough to use as a shaving lubricant.  

All Over Konjac Sponge* // Andalou Naturals

I love konjac sponges so much. They're a great addition to any skincare routine because they're very gentle, but very effective.

I used this all over sponge every shower to wash and exfoliate at the same time. This one is even infused with green tea for a light dose of topical antioxidants.

The best part is that it's biodegradable! I'll be repurchasing. 

Coco Rose Coconut Oil Body Polish // Herbivore Botanicals

I was so eager to try this body polish and I'm happy to say it lived up to my expectations. The light, fresh floral scent reminds me of the flower gardens where I grew up. The gentle, but really effective scrub was great through Winter and Summer to remove dead skin cells, leaving behind soft, smooth skin. 

It is a very pricey option, so if you're on a budget, I'd try to recreate it at home. But if you have the funds, treat yourself! 

Sea Salt & Sugar Body Scrub in Lime* // Sattva Pure (Discontinued)

I really loved this scrub because of the scent and the formula. The lime scent is fresh and invigorating, so it's perfect for Summer.

The formula is lovely too. The sea salt and sugar work to exfoliate, while the nourishing coconut oil hydrates. It's so moisturizing that you really don't need a lotion post shower. It's a great way to multi task and reduce time in your beauty routine! 

This is also kind of a pricey scrub, but it's really worth it. I DIY scrubs all the time and I've never created something like this. I'll be repurchasing, and I think I'll try the Ginger Lemongrass scent. 

Citrus Deodorant // Every Man Jack

This line is aimed at men, but gender is a social construction and it's just deodorant. I also stole it from my boyfriend. 

I really loved this scent. It's a bright, fresh citrus that's really prominent so I could smell it for most of the day. But it doesn't last long. It didn't even last through an eight hour work shift, and it didn't last through hot yoga either. I won't be repurchasing/re-stealing. 

A Path of Light Lavender Hand Cream x 2 // Andalou Naturals

I've used these hand creams for years. The whole line is really hydrating, non greasy, smells light but still really good, and it's so affordable. I keep them everywhere and I'll definitely be repurchasing. 

Tuscan Blood Orange Super Hydrating Hand Cream // Pacifica Beauty

I recently bought the Pacifica hand creams to test and review since I always talk about the Andalou ones. This was the first one I tried and I'm feeling kind of neutral about it. 

I liked the scent, but it was a little over the top. I'm down for light, natural fragrances and this reminded me a little of Bath and Body Works. But this was also really hydrating and it left my hands feeling soft but not greasy.

I've also used some of the other scents and I find them more mild. So while I'll repurchase the hand cream, it'll be in a more light, mild scent. 

Clarity + Enlightenment Konjac Facial Sponge* // Andalou Naturals

Just like I mentioned for the all over konjac sponge, I love these things. They're so useful and great for all skin types. These ones are designed for problematic skin types, which is so up my ally. 

This one is infused with turmeric to help brighten my skin, and I'm not sure if it really worked to brighten, but it did a lot of good with removing dead skin cells and congestion, which allowed my skin to breathe and it allowed my skin to really absorb the products I used. I'll definitely be repurchasing!

Facial Cleansing Oil // Leaves of Trees

This was a go to every night. I use this alone, so it acted as a cleanser, serum, facial oil, and moisturizer all in one. The argan oil is super hydrating, and the blue tansy oil is so soothing and is really great for handling inflammation.

Every morning I woke up to bright, clear, soothed skin. A bonus is that this cleansing oil allowed me to simplify my routine, save time, and save money and cabinet space! I'll be repurchasing. 

Rose Hibiscus Hydrating Face Mist // Herbivore Botanicals

I'm actually surprised at how much my skin loved this. Shortly after getting this I realized my skin is sensitive to rose, and it's a little iffy with coconut products. But my skin actually really liked this. 

It's hydrating and soothing, and it's great to prepare your skin for serum and moisturizer. Although this didn't irritate my skin, I won't repurchase, just because I've noticed my skin is sensitive to rose. 

Pomegranate Antioixidant Hydration // 100% Pure (No Longer Available) 

This is no longer available for purchase and I see why. It's very watery so it's difficult to apply, it's messy, and it was kind of irritating to deal with. I'm also not sure how well it protected my skin, as I seemed to get more sun burn, without really being out in the sun more than usual. 

Fruit Pigmented Foundation Powder in Creme // 100% Pure

I adored this foundation powder. It's very very light, but it provides just enough coverage to reduce redness and even your skin tone. It's also got a little bit of a matte finish.

It's absolutely wonderful and I highly recommend it. I'd repurchase, but I'm trying to branch out and try new brands, so I'll hold off for a while. 

That's a lot of empties! What did you think about these products? 

Until next time, 


*Products marked with an ( * ) were sent to me for review. To learn more, please see my Disclaimer