When I opened my box of empties, I realized I had way too many products for one post. So I've split them into two different ones. Today I'm sharing my skincare empties and on Friday I'll share my body care empties. Let's get started!

Facial Cleansing Creme // Acure Organics

I love this cleanser. It's one of the few natural, creamy cleansers that effectively cleanses without stripping your skin. I love the natural scent and the calming properties. I'm currently trying a new cleanser, but I would definitely repurchase this in the future.

Frankincense Argan Oil // Leaves of Trees

So to be fair, I haven't used a whole bottle of this. I got one use before spilling it everywhere. But Petal and Post was incredibly kind and sent me a complimentary replacement bottle, so I've moved on to that one.

This is quickly becoming my new favourite argan oil. My skin loves argan oil, which is great because it's really hydrating and helps to repair my scars and wrinkles. The frankincense is a nice anti aging touch that gives the oil a very natural, earthy scent. I will be repurchasing.

Organic Aqua Boost // 100% Pure

I was quite disappointed with this, especially considering the price. It didn't do much at all for my skin. It definitely didn't offer hydration, as my skin actually felt incredibly dry and itchy while I was using this. I won't be repurchasing.

Tamanu Nut Oil // Alpha Health

Tamanu oil is a great oil to help hydrate and repair your skin. I've used it alone as a facial oil and in the oil cleansing method. It works wonderfully in both so you can use it however you like. I find this is really great for hydration, but it's better for repairing acne scars and dealing with problematic skin. I'd repurchase in a heart beat.

That's all of the skincare empties I have to share, just a few products. Keep an eye out for Friday's post so you can see all of the body care products I've used up.

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