It's the beginning of February so of course we're starting off with some empties posts. I chatted about my skincare empties on Wednesday, and today I'm sharing my body care empties.

1000 Roses Velvet Soft Body Butter // Andalou Naturals

I love the Andalou Naturals body lotions. I've used them every single night for the last year, so I thought I should give their body butters a go. They're a bit more hydrating, so if you find the lotions aren't enough, I'd definitely recommend these. I wasn't super partial to the rose scent though, so I won't repurchase this scent.

Yes to Coconuts Polishing Body Scrub // Yes to Carrots

I did include this in my favourite body scrubs post but I've kinda changed my mind a bit. This is great in the Summer when you don't need a lot of exfoliation. But when the temperature dropped it started to become ineffective. It's almost too gentle. I'd repurchase for the Summer months but I won't use it again in the Winter.

Brightening Facial Scrub // Acure Organics

I didn't use this as a face scrub because my skin is way too sensitive for scrubs. But I adored this as a body scrub. It was just a very effective, natural, every day scrub that did the job without scratching or irritating my skin. I'm actually sad that I've run out and I'm looking forward to repurchasing.

Clementine Hand Cream // Andalou Naturals

I love these hand creams. I've raved about them in almost every blog post I've ever written. They're hydrating, soothing, natural, and affordable. They tick all of the boxes!

Sole Survivor Foot Butter // Lala Soap Company

Unfortunately I didn't love this. It didn't feel super hydrating, and while the packaging is neat, it was kind of messy. I won't be repurchasing.

So that's a look into my recent empties. I hope you've found some new products to try!

Until next time,