I just have a few empties to share today, but they're some of my favourite products.

Coconut Bath Soak // Herbivore Botanicals

I received this as a gift last Christmas, and as you can see I've really cherished it. The dehydrated coconut milk powder softens your skin while the vanilla essential oil fills the tub with a lovely, light scent. I would repurchase this in a heart beat.

Foot Butter // Rocky Mountain Soap Co. 

I've only used a few foot creams, but this is my favourite. The pine scent is a nice break from the usual mint, and the convenient packaging makes for easy application. The cocoa butter and beeswax intensely nourish and hydrate your feet and the high quality essential oils are just perfect. I'm currently trying another foot butter, but I can't wait to buy this again!

Activate Clay Face Mask // Herbivore Botanicals*

*Please note this clay mask is no longer available on their website, but I've linked to their FACE section so you can choose one of their other luxe face masks!

This is one of my favourite Herbivore Botanicals face masks. The Brazilian tourmaline gemstone and activated bamboo charcoal work to deeply cleanse your skin while detoxifying and drawing out impurities. It's also super easy to remove so it's perfect for sensitive skin. This has been my go to for dealing with problem spots and acne, and I'm so sad to see it go. Thankfully they have a few new masks for me to try.

Argan Oil Facial Moisturizer SPF 18 // 100% Pure

For the last year and a bit, this has been my go to sun protection cream. The argan and rosehip oils offer serious hydration, while the non nano zinc oxide provides effective protection from the sun. I want to try some other sun protection creams, but this will always be a favourite.

Brightening Night Balm // 100% Pure

To be honest, I was disappointed in this balm. It was definitely hydrating, but it was difficult to apply and actually irritated my skin during the application. I was didn't see much of a difference in my skin's brightness. I will not be repurchasing.

Lip Therapy Original Mini // Vaseline

Vaseline is not the most natural of products, but it is a very simple one. After dealing with lots of irritating lip balms, I decided to go back to basics with Vaseline. It's the most hydrating and soothing lip product I've discovered, not to mention the most affordable. I have several and while I'd like to try something else, nothing really works as well.

Until next time,