DIY Energizing Himalayan Salt Scrub

I love to create my own self care products because it feels like I'm taking charge of my beauty routines and of my own well being. It's also a creative outlet and I'm able to truly customize a product to my skin's needs. 

I've shared lots of DIY masks and scrubs through the blog, and I'll link them all below. Today I want to share a unique new scrub that's become a Summer favourite. 

Why Himalayan Salts?

Himalayan salts are often used in baths to help detox the body. They contain lots of minerals to reduce inflammation, relieve soreness, cleanse, soothe, and uplift. 

To get more benefits from these wonderful salts, I decided to make a fresh, energizing lip and body scrub that's perfect for Summer. The pink colour of the salts is really calming and reminds me of fresh grapefruit juice.

I've paired the salts with coconut and argan oil because they're so good for your skin. I've also add my favourite citrus essential oils to help uplift and energize. 

Energizing Himalayan Salt Scrub Recipe //

The salts work to revive and energize, the oils hydrate and repair, and the essential oils add a soothing, uplifting scent. It's my new favourite Summer scrub. 

What's your favourite Summer DIY? 

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