Crystal Infused Skincare: What Is It, Why You Need It, and How to Make It

Crystal Infused Skincare: What Is It, Why You Need It, and How to Make It
Crystal Infused Skincare

I understand that for a lot of people, crystals are just pretty rocks, while others recognize the many healing properties crystals can offer. 

I'm somewhere in the middle. Just looking at them makes me feel more grounded and centered, but I recognize that at the end of the day, it's up to me to improve my life and change how I feel. But part of that is surrounding myself with pretty objects, and curating a space I truly love. And that involves plants, vintage store finds, and a lot of pretty rocks. 

And you all know I love skincare. So when I read a post on crystal infused skincare over at Hello Glow, I had to do a little research, and today I want to share my findings with you. 

What Is It?

It turns out that crystal infused skincare is either skincare that literally includes ground up crystals, like in the Herbivore Botanicals Brighten Pineapple + Gemstone Mask, or the skincare product includes crystal infused water, like in the Lilifox Mystic Awakening Rosemary Toning Mist

I've also seen products that actually contain a physical crystal inside - like a body butter that has a small piece of quartz at the bottom. 

Why You Need It

Over at Bustle, Augusta Statz tried crystal infused skincare for a week and said that she could "really tell they were making a difference" and that she noticed "a calming effect as a result of using them, both for my skin, which lost some of its redness, and for myself in that I slept like a baby the whole week". While it's just one person's opinion, I can totally get behind her results. 

Think about it this way - if you keep an amethyst cluster on your desk to inspire and promote productivity, why would you not want to rub that all over your face? Or why would you not want to spray rose quartz everywhere to promote self love? 

And if you really think about it, we already use crystal infused beauty tools. My jade facial roller is a huge part of my beauty routine, and it's even one of my top beauty tools. While I have a jade tool, you can also find ones made of rose quartz and amethyst, and you can choose based on the stone you're most drawn to. So how is a gemstone infused face mask any different?

How to Make It

While you can buy crystal infused skincare, you can also make your own by making crystal infused beauty water and using it to blend your own crystal infused skincare - think toners or face masks. Simply mix your own beauty treatment and instead of using regular filtered water, add your crystal infused water. It's an affordable way to test the idea without emptying your wallet!

So where do you stand? What do you think about crystals and crystal infused skincare?

With love,