Cocokind The Colors Review

Cocokind The Colors Review
cocokind The Colors Review

In the first couple of years as a beauty blogger I tried to post makeup looks, and I tried to love makeup. But it's just not for me.

I'm not into doing my makeup nearly as much as I'm into helping you find new skincare products.

I also hate that makeup expires before I'm able to use it all, making it seem like a waste of money. In the last six months I've really cut back on my makeup collection. I've purged expired products, gotten rid of colours that didn't suit me, and accepted that I don't love makeup. And that's okay. 

And then Cocokind launched their 'skincare as makeup' line. I love applying these products, so much so that I wear them almost every day. They've become a part of my morning routine, a part that I won't be giving up anytime soon. 

cocokind The Colors Review

Cocokind launched two products, and while at first I was hoping they'd launch more, I'm not sure they'd need to because these are very versatile products that can easily be used with their Collective Treatment Sticks. Use Macabeet as a blush, Mymatcha as a highlighter, and the Organic Full Brow Balm for a full look.

The Ingredients

The ingredients for both the Primer Drops and the Facial Powders are the same, they're just made with different proportions. The primers have more oils while the facial powders have more powders (duh). The ingredients look a little something like this:

  • Chia Oil*
  • Arrowroot Powder*
  • Aloe Powder*
  • Non-Nano Zinc Oxide
  • Cacao Powder*
  • Kaolin Clay
  • Matcha Tea Powder*
  • Ginger Root Powder*
  • Kale Powder*
  • Rosemary Antioxidant Extract*


When was the last time you saw makeup made with ingredients like those? 

The Primer Drops

After moisturizing your skin, you'll start with the Primer Drops. This is meant to hydrate, smooth and even your skin's tone and texture, and create a luminous finish. 

I apply four drops to my skin; one on my forehead, nose, chin, and each of my cheeks. Then I gently rub the primer in with my fingers until my entire face is covered. It leaves my skin very soft and silky and the best part is I know that it's actually helping my skin. All of the beneficial ingredients are providing my skin with nourishment, hydration, antioxidants, and vitamins. 

The Primer Drops come in four different shades; light, medium, dark, and green. I love that they've made things simple, instead of creating a line of fifty different shades. You shouldn't have any trouble picking your shade, but if you do, you can always reach out to cocokind and they'll give you some tips! 

I've bought the light and the green. The green shade is ideal if you have a lot of redness or irritation, as the green neutralizes the red and gives your skin a more glowy, but calm finish. I use the green most often because even when my sensitive skin isn't inflamed, I have acne, which causes some redness.

I do like the light, and I use it when the redness isn't very obvious, but I think in the future I'll be sticking with the green. 

While you can use this alone as a serum or to as a way to finish your skincare, if you're going to use the Facial Powders, you'll want the Primer Drops. Without the primer, the powders could be drying on your skin. 

The Facial Powders

These Facial Powders are light and easy to apply. My favourite kind of makeup.

They're sheer, but easily buildable, which makes them a great everyday product. You can add light coverage in the morning and build it up for the night.

My favourite part is you can also use this as a concealer. So after the primer, I apply this with a big fluffy brush. If you don't have one, cocokind sells a Buki Brush that is perfect. Then I take a small eye shadow brush (cocokind sells a Detail Brush if you'd prefer) and apply the powder over any spots. Once I've applied the powder I'll go in and lightly tap the spot to blend everything in.

The powder provides really great coverage, that I usually build to about a medium. And instead of using two separate products, you're just using one, which actually makes your skin look much more even. I'll finish it off with a few sprays of my toner to keep everything in place. 

The Facial Powders come in three different shades; light, medium, and dark. I chose the light and it's a perfect fit. The shades are meant to cover a variety of skin tones and in my experience, they do. But I'd love to hear how you find this! 

One of the other ways to use these products is to use the darker shades as a bronzing powder. I haven't tried it yet, but I'm thinking of trying it out the next time I place an order. 

And once again, the Facial Powders are actually good for your skin. They calm inflammation, increase circulation, and give your skin lots of protective antioxidants. 

cocokind The Colors

How Do I Wear Them?

I'm planning on putting together a full makeup look with just cocokind products (coming soon!) but in the mean time, you can see what they look like on me in this selfie

You can also watch the videos cocokind has put together. To see how the different primers and powders look together, and get a little tutorial, click here. You can also follow Priscilla (the cocokind founder) on Instagram as she's always posting tutorials, routines, tips, and ways to use her products. 

Quick Review

These two products have totally changed how I do makeup. They're very simple and easy to use, and the routine takes no time at all. They're both made with lots of organic, healthy ingredients that really act as skincare more than makeup.

They're versatile, multi-purpose products - you can use the Primer Drops as a serum, or the Facial Powders as both a foundation and concealer. They're long lasting, they work really well to give you the amount of coverage you want, and they're affordable.

I'm so happy cocokind has created these products and I can't wait for you to try them! 

With love,