cocokind Organic Chlorophyll Mask Review
cocokind Organic Chlorophyll Mask Review

If you follow me on Instagram you'll know I'm obsessed with cocokind.

I love what they're about - making organic, natural beauty products with simple ingredients and an affordable price tag. They also use glass packaging where possible and formulate holistic products that actually work! 

I've talked about their Organic Sea Moss Exfoliator, a go to beauty essential of mine, so now I want to tell you all about their Organic Chlorophyll Mask

Let's Talk About Organic. 

I never thought I'd be all for using organic beauty products because when I first got into 'green beauty' organic was so expensive. It just wasn't feasible. But with brands like cocokind, who are producing organic, fair trade products that are made and packaged sustainably, and with a lower price point, having an organic beauty routine can become a reality for a lot of people. 

You'll want to use certified organic products when possible to avoid using ingredients that were grown with toxic herbicides and pesticides. If you don't want to eat them, why would you want to rub them all over your face? 

cocokind is certified organic by the USDA, or the United States Department of Agriculture. They govern well, agriculture, but also ensure that products with the label organic are actually adhering to certain standards

cocokind Organic Chlorophyll Mask Review

Let's Talk About Ingredients.

On to this mask! So this mask is made with just four ingredients. 

Organic spirulina powder has protein, vitamins, and beta carotene, an antioxidant that is converted to vitamin A in the body. 

Organic wheatgrass powder actually doesn't contain wheat. But it is a powerful antioxidant that has purifying properties that help to clear your skin. It also has some chlorophyll, which helps repair and protect your skin. 

Organic chlorella is another purifying ingredient that has chlorophyll and phytonutrients, which aren't essential to the human body, but they help protect us from disease and keep everything functioning optimally. 

Organic ylang ylang oil has a soothing scent that's not noticeable at all in this mask so even if you're sensitive to scents, you shouldn't have a problem. Plus ylang ylang helps to balance and soothe your skin. 

All of these ingredients work together to give your skin a unique treatment. You'll be left with brighter, clearer, softer, and more soothed skin. Think of it like a green smoothie, but for your face! 

Let's Talk About How to Use This Mask.

It's a face mask, so let's not make it too difficult. But there are different ways to use this mask. 

It's a dry mask so you get to mix it with water, toner, aloe, or whatever strikes your fancy. I use water because I'm simple like that. 

You can mix the mask and liquid of your choice to your desired consistency. Mixing a thicker mask (using more powder than liquid) is great for oilier, acne prone skin. I often do this even though my skin is dry simply because I love the light, fluffy texture this mask creates. It's such a unique experience! 

If you have dry skin that's needs moisture, you can create a lighter mask by using more water. You can also pair it with the cocokind Organic Chia Facial Oil for purification and hydration in one treatment! 

Let's Talk About Other Ways to Use this Mask. 

If you want to experience a whole body treatment, you can mix a body mask. I'd recommend combining this mask with kaolin or bentonite clay to help soothe or draw out impurities. Mix in a bowl and apply to your entire body. Let it sit for ten to twenty minutes before washing off in the shower. Follow with skin butter and you're good to go! 

You can also use this powder in the bath. Add some epsom salts and a few spoonfuls of the Organic Chlorophyll Mask to help purify, soothe, and nourish your entire body. Just be warned, your tub may look a little green after your bath! 

This mask has quickly become a new beauty essential. It's a simple mask that nourishes my skin, leaving me with a brighter and clearer complexion. I hope you can try it for yourself soon! How would you use it? Would you make a face mask, body mask, or bath powder? 

With love,