Cocokind Collective Treatment Sticks Review

Cocokind Collective Treatment Sticks Review
cocokind Collective Treatment Sticks Review

This review has been in the works for a long time. Launched in early 2017, this trio of treatment sticks were my first real dive into Cocokind products.

Like all of the cocokind products, they're made with simple and organic ingredients at an accessible price point. 

cocokind Collective Treatment Sticks Review

Mymatcha All Over Moisture

The first treatment stick, this matcha infused treatment is meant to provide moisture to even the driest areas. It's made with just three organic ingredients - virgin coconut oil, beeswax, and matcha powder.

The matcha gives this stick a green colour that's not noticeable once it's applied to your skin. The beeswax and matcha give it a natural, almost earthy scent that's not obnoxious at all. And the use of beeswax gives this stick a balmy texture that's not too soft but not too hard. 

You can use this as a under eye cream, eventually replacing an under eye concealer altogether. I avoid putting products close to my eyes but I do love using this as a highlighter.

After putting on the rest of my makeup I swipe this above my cheeks, down my nose, and sometimes just below my eyebrows.

I make sure to rub it in a bit because while the green colour isn't obvious, if you apply a good amount you can see a faint green colour. 

I also love using this as a lip balm and if I'm in a pinch, a hand cream. While all of these treatment sticks are great for keeping in your hand bag, this is the one I'd definitely carry everywhere. 

cocokind Collective Treatment Sticks Review

Macabeet Tinted Moisture

I used to be really into green beauty makeup but lately I've realized I'm just not into it anymore.

I've always preferred skincare, but now I'm really not into eye shadow or contouring or even lipsticks. But that doesn't mean I don't wear makeup ever. I have a very simple routine so this tinted moisture stick fits right in. 

The Macabeet stick is made with four organic ingredients - olive oil, beeswax, beet root, and maca root powder. The beet powder gives this stick a faint rose colour that's just barely there when applied to your skin. 

I use this as a blush and lip colour by simply swiping this over my cheeks and lips. I like to rub it in a bit on my cheeks with my fingers just to get an even finish. It's definitely buildable, but I love that it's got that 'barely there' vibe. 

cocokind Collective Treatment Sticks Review

Turmeric Spot Treatment

While it's hard to pick a favourite of the three, this might be it. I've always had acne, and while Priscilla (founder of cocokind) has done a world of good in helping me accept my skin (it's one of the reasons I'm so in love with cocokind) acne still isn't my favourite thing. Obviously. 

And while my skin has been amazing lately, I still get acne. And most of it is cystic acne, which means it's going to stick around for a while.

I've tried so many different spot treatments and nothing has ever worked. They've all dried and irritated my skin, making my acne much worse and much more painful. Until now. 

The Turmeric Spot Treatment is made with five organic ingredients - sunflower seed oil, beeswax, turmeric root powder, ginger root powder, and tea tree oil.

It has a bright yellow colour that's visible on skin, so this isn't something you'll want to use while you're out and about. While it won't stain your skin it will stain clothing or textiles so I don't recommend removing with white cloths or wearing overnight. 

To use, simply apply on your spots for at least twenty minutes. I usually leave this on for a few hours. Once I'm in for the night, I'll cleanse my skin and follow with this treatment. 

To remove, simply spray your toner on a cotton pad (reusable pads are a great way to reduce waste!) and gently wipe away the spot treatment. You may not see a difference right away, but if you use this a few days in a row, you'll really see a difference. 

Instead of drying out your skin, this treatment works by moisturizing and reducing inflammation with turmeric and ginger. 

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