Acure Marula Oil Review
Acure Organics Marula Oil Review

By now you probably know I love body oils, face oils, and oil based serums. I just really love plant oils. They're so nourishing, healing, and they give your skin that healthy glow we're all after. 

While I've tried a lot of oils, today I want to share an oil that was totally new to me until recently - Marula Oil!

Acure Organics Marula Oil Review

This Oil Is...

  • Cold Pressed

  • Vegan

  • Made from Marula (a fruit) seed kernels

Made With...

  • 100% Marula Oil (nothing else!)

I love plant oils because they're the simplest skincare you can find - they're just one oil that's going to truly nourish your skin.

Texture - This has a thicker texture than most oils I've tried but it still sinks in very quickly.

Scent - There isn't a scent with this oil, which is great for people who are sensitive to fragrance!

Efficacy - While plant oils are multi-purpose powerhouses, I've just been using this on my face as a moisturizer. I find it's been amazing at not only providing lots of moisture, but it's given me that glow we all want. My skin is more soft, smooth, and nourished, it's less red and inflamed, and I've been dealing with less acne so my skin looks a lot more clear!

Sustainability - This is packaged in a glass bottle that is recyclable, so that's a plus. However, I would love to see this organic and fair trade, especially from a brand as well known and popular as Acure!