6 Simple Green Beauty Pick Me Ups

It's important to have simple pick me ups to make yourself feel revived throughout the day. Things like a cup of tea or a refreshing facial mist can really help reset your mood and just make you feel better. Honestly, that's what self care is about for me; finding ways to make myself feel comfortable and at ease, and these six green beauty treats are perfect pick me ups for your everyday. 

Sattva Pure Toner. (Discontinued)

I'm not one to keep a face mist on my desk because I don't want to overload my skin, but I love having this toner around. I use it after the gym, instead of a full skincare routine, and I use it after hot baths and showers. It's just such a refreshing, calming toner that my skin adores. 

Palo Santo. 

Clearing the air has never been easier than with palo santo. Light it and walk around your space, spreading the good vibes in corners and behind chairs to clear the energy and start anew. I do this several times a week to kind of clear my head and feel more grounded. 

Pacifica Beauty Underarm Deodorant Wipes. 

I didn't know this was a thing until a friend gifted them to me. These compostable wipes are so handy because nobody wants to be the smelly kid in the room, but carrying around a deodorant can be difficult. Depending on the weather they can freeze or melt, and nobody wants a weird mess in their bag. These wipes make things much easier and feel pretty darn refreshing. 

Tension Tonic. 

This is a healing tonic made with invigorating peppermint oil to reduce tension wherever you need. I use it at the back of my neck frequently to prevent headaches, as I often find myself furrowing my brow and clenching my jar, leading to headaches. One could say it's stress, and I wouldn't argue, but this tension tonic is a super natural, easy way to kill headaches and relieve muscle tension. 

S.W. Basics Lip Balm. 

Nothing makes me feel more comfortable than having happy skin. When my skin is moisturized, I feel like I've got my entire life together. These lip balms are the best natural lip balm I've ever used. Made with just a few organic ingredients, they easily glide over your lips, providing long lasting moisture without irritation. 

Essential Oils.

Whether diffused or used in a beauty recipe, essential oils have so many healing benefits. I love using them in a diffuser to spread the scent all over my space. I find it can really impact my mood and attitude. I also love mixing air sprays that I use in my car to get those same benefits on the go. Learn more about essential oils for self care here and here

What are your go to green beauty pick me ups? 

With love,