5 Top Essential Oils for Your Skincare Routine

Essential oils are plant powerhouses that offer lots of healing benefits. When used properly, and in correct doses, they offer lots of healing qualities for your insides and outsides. Today I'm going to share my top essential oils for skincare, and how I use them. 

A word of caution when using essential oils; they are very potent and when used incorrectly, can be damaging, especially to sensitive skin. Make sure to test recipes on a small area of your skin before applying to large areas all at once. 

Another way to get the benefits of essential oils but at a more safe level would be to use the fresh herbs instead. All of my favourites are pretty easily accessible at your grocery store or farmers market. 


Lavender is a great oil for almost everything. It's a go to oil to soothe and relax, but it can also soothe skin conditions. I use it often in baths and facial steams, and I used to use it a lot in face masks. Just one drop mixed with a few tablespoons of clay and a touch of water and you've got a soothing, detoxifying mask. 

Bonus: This handy doTerra graphic suggests lavender for every skin type except mature skin types. 


Similar to lavender, chamomile is also really great for soothing skin. I use it in almost every face steam I do. It's calming and soothing to both your skin and your internal organs, and if your insides are happy, your outsides will be too. 


This cleansing and purifying oil is great for problem skin. I often add lemon or grapefruit peels to face steams, but the oil works well to cleanse your skin. 


Peppermint is such a refreshing oil so it will always be a favourite. Whether you add it to a sugar scrub, a bath, or a face steam, the invigorating properties will leave you feel clean and refreshed. 


This herbal oil is great for skin and hair. It's an anti-inflammatory oil that can soothe your skin and reduce irritation and puffiness. It also improves circulation, which can help make your skin look more revived and toned, and improved circulation can help with acne.

That improved circulation also makes it great for growing longer, healthier hair. Add a drop to a face mask or steam, or add 5-10 drops to one cup of water and three tablespoons of apple cider vinegar for a softening hair rinse. 

How to Use These Oils. 

I really recommend checking out The Compassionate Chick's Guide to DIY Beauty and Hello Glow. I've read both of these books and they both include safe and effective DIY beauty recipes that feature tons of essential oils!

What are your favourite essential oils for your skincare routine? 

With love,